Hey curvy girls all over the world,
Yesterday Nordstrom unveiled their new plus size line called Sejour. A few months ago I was contacted by Nordstrom along with some of my fave curvy girl bloggers to try out their new line. They reached out to seek our opinions on fit, fabric, and style, and let me tell you they were thorough with the questioning, making sure they understood our needs.

Currently the line consists of basic pieces that you can pair with your more fashion forward pieces. I know it may not necessarily be the young, trendy, contemporary pieces that many young plus size women are looking for but  it’s definitely modern pieces that are easy to incoporate in your wardrobe.

The two pieces I liked most from the collection were the over sized cardigan and the lace top. I do like that a couple of pieces like the sequin blazer and cargo pants let us know that they are paying attention to the trends. The oversized cardigan in purple is super cozy and warm. I wore it in an ootd HERE.

This is a little blurb from Nordstroms about their new plus size collection Sejour:

Nordstrom recognizes that plus-size women deserve more on-trend, in-store and online choices, and is pleased to announce its new plus-size brand with modern styling called Sejour. Sejour will be available exclusively in the Encore department beginning the first through second weeks of November. The brand will launch in two phases with the first roll-out in November, and culminate in the spring with our entire selection of styles.

Sejour is designed to meet the needs of the modern customer while still offering the core styles that our customers love. Sizes will run from 14W- 24W, and 1X-3X, priced from $28 to $200.

Checkout the rest of the collection and let SC know what you think. You can also go to Nordstrom to see the rest of the line


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  2. >I tried on pants and a ruffled top. The top was really well cut, I was shocked. Plus shirts usually don't work well on me (I'm a pear with a short torso and big boobs).I also tried on slim legged pants, they were cut pretty well, but not for someone with my legs. The inseam was better than most plus clothing at about 30, but for me the cut of this pant was all wrong — tight on the thigh, super baggy from the a little above the knee down.. (I have huge quads, and am fairly small below the knee — there is about an 9 or 10 inch difference between my thighs and my calves.) So if you are a bit better proportioned than me in the legs, the pants will be great. Waist and inseam were good on me. The shirts are cut well, and assumes ou have a defined waist.

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