>Let’s face it, if you work in corporate America, sometimes buying work clothes can be a bit of a snooze. You know what I’m talking about. How many button up shirts, sleeveless black shift dresses, and plain pumps can one have. In my opinion no matter your size you should always make an effort to standout at work when it comes to your clothes. I’m not saying dress for work like your going to the club, but, you can definitley have a little fun with your work wardrobe and still abide by company rules.

Here are a few ways to update that boring old work wardrobe:

Try a leather skirt with a tweed jacket

In a mix of all those regular blazers, reach for a tuxedo blazer for day

Try a billowy printed blouse tucked into your pencil skirts
Give the classic pumps a rest and try a pair of ankle booties
A pair of patterned tights adds flavor to any look.
Can the the plain black shift dresses and try an animal print sheath.
As women we always go for the standard two piece suit, why not take a cue from the men and go for a three piece suit. It’s super sexy and chic.

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