It seems like these days every curvy celebrity is shedding major weight. From America Ferrera to Jennifer Hudson our favorite curvy celebrities have all gotten healthy. When asked what’s the reasoning behind the weightloss everyone has the same story. They were not really happy with the size they were before. On a recent episode of Wendy Williams Kelly Osbourne told some painful stories of how she was teased and ridiculed about her weight and that it made her unhappy. It took her run on “Dancing With The Stars” to realize she could lose weight and have a body she was happy with. In a Weight Watcher’s commercial Jennifer Hudson says how happy she is that she doesn’t have to stand in front of people and not suck anything in and how she is the smallest she’s ever been in her adult life.

Are celebrity weight losses making you realize how unhappy you really are with your body? Are they making you feel like you need to get healthy too?


  1. >I have made the decision to get healthy as well, but it has less to do with the celebrities and more with me wanting to get healthy & feel better about myself. So far I've lost mearly 20 pounds from the summer til now & I've going for 30 more by New Year's. That being said, the accomplishments that I have made while a size 18 will hold a special place in my heart no matter how small I become:-). "Can't" was certainly not in my vocabulary, & it never will be!

  2. >I have decided I can no longer let other people's definition of what I should weigh determine how I feel about myself. I really hate to see women judge each other for losing or gaining weight. Especially when you don't have to live in my skin. I made a choice to lose weight last year and I was shocked at how people reacted to me. You can't take someone else's lifestyle personally. You will waste time and energy comparing yourself to celebs. I know because I've done it all my life. What they choose to do with their bodies is their choice as long as they aren't starving themselves or going to extremes to drop weight in an unhealthy way, I can't hate on them.What I can do is hate on their wardrobe and make up stylists 😉

  3. >Like most teenage girls I had my own body issues throughout high school. But back then it had everything to do with being skinny and wearing the same clothes as my peers rather than being healthy. Back then practically starving and working out excessively wasn't for me but for them. Now it's all about me. Sometimes I have days when I feel less than great but we all do.When I workout now it's about me. I judge my size by my clothes, if things get too tight then I scale back. Simple as that. Jennifer Hudson looks great but I thought she was beautiful before. I think at the end of the day it comes down to being healthy in your own skin. What people need to remember is that skinny does not equal healthy.

  4. >When you say "…lose weight and get healthy…" you're making the assumption and perpetuating the bias (along with many, many others), that being a woman that's curvy, or BBW, or a person of size (pick your title) is to be fundamentally unhealthy. Well, you couldn't be more wrong. I know plenty of small, medium, and large folks that are unhealthy. I also know plenty of large-bodied people that are the picture of health. Celebrities don't influence how I create health in my body; they just sometimes influence how I like to show it off!

  5. >@Anonymous-By no means am I saying that skinny equals healthy. If you are an avid reader of my blog then you would know that I do not promote the type of message you are implying. I am using the word Healthy because that is the popular term that is being used today when it comes weightloss. I simply wanted to get the views from readers to see if they were affected by celebrity weightloss.So, I must repeat that I do not believe that all curvy, plus size, BBW are fundamentally unhealthy nor do I believe that skinny, slim, or medium size women are healthy. You have never seen me write this on my blog and you never will. I promote positive body image and acceptance.However, thanks for your comment.

  6. >I have to say that for me its both inspiring and a little depressing. I used to look up to these stars as fabulous examples of being curvy and proud…but now it seems some of them were not happy. I feel more compelled to get healthier but I also feel like so much attention has been given to these celebrities for their lost of weight that sometimes it feels like the pressure is on for other celebs who are not rail thin to get on board or risk losing their celebrity status.

  7. >i could care less about a celebrity, but people really need to stop acting as if being overweight/obese is a good thing – something to be celebrated. yes, everyone should love themselves, but love yourself for what is on the inside! you are more than what you look like. that being said, if you are severely overweight – regardless if it "looks good" on you – it will take a toll on your body. you are at a higher risk for diseases and you are stressing out your bones! lose weight! don't celebrate that which can take you to an early grave. i myself am very overweight. i don't like it. i love myself but the weight has got to go. and i am fairly healthy (normal blood pressure, good cholestrol levels, no diabetes, etc.) it is unhealthy because i feel sluggish, can't run, can keep gaining every year. there is nothing wrong with admitting that too much fat is too much for our bodies. it doesn't mean you hate yourself.

  8. >Some very opinionated people on this post wowee but I would say personally they can go ahead and lose weight thats ok I still love how I look for sure( Ive lost weight lately …for some reason but Im not complaining)…I like to see the curvier girls in the media but if they say they want to get "healtier" and be skinnier I guess each to her own…I still love my curvy sisters and the curvy fatshionistas who are supporting and promoting having a body thats not the same as "everyone else" 🙂 great post girly I really enjoyed it.

  9. >I will be honest since no one else will. Being a plus size African American woman back a decade ago was a thing to be proud of, being a plus size woman period was a thing to be proud of because you had so many women in the media representing for women with more meat on their bones HEALTHY big women too. But I've known that all of that was just smoke and mirrors. Let's be honest Hollywood and society perpetuates a specific image it's not about being concerned about society's health it's about making sure we rid the world of as many fat women as possible. See people don't nit pick pudgy, chunky, fat or heavy men as they do women, because unfortunately women we're held to a specific image standard even by other women. Most famous men out there are hefty men. Jack Black, Biggie Smalls, Rick Ross Heavy D etc. But when it comes to women it's like "omg look at the tone she's setting for women across the world she's too fat" even fit thick women are too fat these days it's become ridiculous the obsession with weight, mainly on women. Truth is America is no more fatter than it was centuries ago, the studies and percentages are very misleading because there's been no significant increase in weight amongst adolescent boys or girls AT ALL, there's actually a study about that. And actually the weight percentage of adult women has decreased the past several years so I don't know why they continue to exaggerate this obesity epidemic thing when there's not one. Also FAT will forever be looked down upon anything associated with negativity will be viewed negative at all costs. Skinny is not associated with negativity that's why underweight individuals aren't at bashed as slightly overweight individuals. There's a bias and the world knows it, as well as doctors because they cater to it, they just don't care. Saying a woman/man can be healthy at a larger size DOES NOT phase a lot of people one bit because they still will have the programmed theory in their minds that fat be it slightly fat by default even, fat period etc is still unhealthy. Skinny people can walk into mac Donald's, smoke a cigarette, hit about 4 bottles of alcohol daily and PEOPLE WILL NOT THINK ONE BIT HER OR SHE IS UNHEALTHY AND IS RUINING THEIR HEALTH because visually they're Thin. Our society has made sure to associate THIN/SKINNY with good health even if that's far from the truth. Whether larger people want to admit it or not most of us are influenced and pressured when we see the millions of weight loss advertisements consistently across the t.v. screen.

  10. >continued….All of these celebs Kelly, America, J-Hud, Monique etc all have not mentioned doing it for health but for superficial reasons, because they were parading around talking about how proud they were to be big and curvy and how they were still healthy and happy etc. It was a lie. Most big women won't tell the truth the whole doing it for me thing is a lie, yeah you're doing ti for you because you wanted to do it all along you saw those skinny women on t.v., you see the magazines you see the infomercial telling how bad FAT IS and it's messing with you tampering with your insecurities. Skinny unhealthy people aren't told looking like them is wrong, they're excepted physically/visually because they're thin so a doctor isn't going to bombard them with dramatic health suggestions even if they were on the verge of heart failure from high cholesterol like they'd do a big person. Big is associated with negative. Society hated big people, doctors hate big people, everyone hates big people. It doesn't matter how healthy you are big person people hate us. Look around we're the only stigmatized and discriminated group left that no one cares about. You see in the magazines and the fashion shows we see 5'6-6'2 women on runways 20-30 pounds underweight like supermodel Chanel Iman. Since we're so obsessed with measuring people body mass from a scale made up by a math scientist not a medical doctor aka the BMI scale why not complain about these amazon women weighing no more than a 5'0 woman? It's okay to applaud celebs, or suggest average individuals shrinking their bodies thinner than what they were, their healthy weight, hey as long as they're healthy right? But it's a sin to see a woman barely pudgy, it's a sin to see someone packing on a pound a half even in muscle, and people don't want to even hear as long as they're healthy when it comes to that. I thought the plan was to inform Americans of good health why do we applaud underweight but condemn overweight? That's because it's not about health it's about IMAGE, it's always been about IMAGE, doctors included. Tell me this if America is supposedly fatter (which is not the truth) why were we supposedly healthier back then when the images of women were healthier and curvy than today when we're bombarded with stick thin muscular sculpted barbies in the media? It's embedded in people's mind the traditional weight stigma Fat=bad THIN=good. Look at the comments people are determined to go by that and that for good, which is why people can say "I'm healthy but I don't like being fat it's bad". You think people walk around worrying themselves about every person's health they pass on the streets? NO!!! Something's not right and they know it's not but this is how they want it to be.

  11. >I am losing weight b/c I was slim all my life UNTIL college and I am unhappy being overweight. I hate being limited to "certain stores, websites, etc ) I hate being grateful to find "hot items" when slim women have such an array of choices, fabrics and designs. I hate feeling self conscious when I'm in a room full of slimmer women even when I'm dressed from head to toe I still feel a little out of place. Men love my body my bf does as well but on the inside I am unhappy. I am 27 and I don't plan on being fat for my 30th b-day or fat post twenties so I am going on a weight loss journey. I lost 40 lbs before I recently became pregnant with my first child but after the baby I will be back on the weight loss wagon. I just want to be fashionable not fashionable for a "big girl".

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