>Today’s curvy girl style battle is a good one. We have Raven Symone (yes, again) and Mo’Nique. Two curvaceous women who recently lost a few pounds in their waist on ya (in my best Missy Elliott voice).

While on hiatus after sweeping last years award season from her role as the angry abusive mother in Precious. Mo’Nique emerges for the BET Hip Hop awards as host looking stunning in a v-neck sequin mini dress.

Raven Symone
Due to an abundance of black Hollywood parties and events Raven Symone has been showing off her new style and commanding attention on the red carpet. This weekend Raven was spotted wearing a metallic cutout mini dress and black open toe sandals.

So, SC wants to know which curvy girl wins this style battle.



  1. >Raven-Symone hands down..besides Mo'Nique is Married I don't find Married Women interesting at all…Raven-Symone is Younger, and Fresher than Mo'Nique…Look out for Raven-Symone on the Mo'Nique Show in teh new Season on BET.

  2. >I gotta go with Mo'Nique. She looks fab in that dress and is showing some leg without showing TOO much leg…I thing Raven looked better in some of the pant outfits I've seen her in recently than the ubershort dress.fatfatalefashion.blogspot.com

  3. >I think they both look nice in different ways…not sure they are comparable to one another. Raven is young & flirty, while Monique is a grown woman who is not really in competition w/ a 20 something year old.

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