Okay, I know we all have a love hate relationship with Crystal Renn. Yesterday photos of Crystal shot by famed photographer Terry Richardson were released and they are pretty interesting. The photos showcase Crystal draped in gorgeous jewels and stuffing her face with obscene amounts of food. The photos were taken for French Vogue’s 90th anniversary issue for a feature called “Festin.”

When you look at these photos what do you think? Are they offensive to plus size women by implying we just want to stuff our face with food or is it just fashionable art? However, these pictures are definitely shocking and interesting.

Sound Off!



  1. >These pics are interesting… I mean she doesn't look overweight at all so as a viewer, there didn't seem to be any relationship to the food and her size. It wasn't offensive to me at all. In fact, she looks strikingly gorgeous so I think the incredibly messy food was an interesting component in these glamour shots. It's almost as if she's saying "And what!? I'm eating and I'm loving it, oh and also–I'm still fabulous!". IDK…I may be the only one who thinks these shots are hot.

  2. >I will be honest… She is wearing some fabulous pieces. The jewelry, clothing, and hair… FABULOSO!! But the fact that she is "eating" all of that food made me want to throw up and I LOVE food. It's someting about her looking like she is having an orgasam in that spaghetti shot makes me want to hurl. But other than that I'm not offended by the pics. The fact that she can portray that many emotions in this way is VERY artistic. I think that if they were trying to show the jewlery then this was a bad way to do it because the food is what is drawing so many people's attention. You have to force yourself to look past that at the pieces. They are good pics but would I have done this for MY line (IF I had one)? No.

  3. >I think its suppose to be making a connection with kings that would sit and stuff their faces and indulge in everything and the jewelry. I don't think it has anything to do with plus size women. She looks great but I think these are shocking when you first see them and over the top. But that is probably what they were going for.

  4. >I don't think Crystal represents the plus size community anymore (well, at least not my idea of it)- so the food aspect doesn't really relate to her size. The clothes are pretty, but the pictures are kinda grotesque. Don't really want to see anyone deep throat a squid. 🙂

  5. >Is that an octopus she's eating in the first photo? I'm not a fan of these pics, I love her look, but the disgusting food is overkill.But props to her for doing a photoshoot with food. Most plus size models wouldn't go near such a concept, not that she's plus size anymore.acceptingallofme.blogspot.com

  6. >hmmm interesting to say the least not to my liking but but love some thngs crystal has done…her controversial career has been quite interesting…question is why wouldnt we expect her to do something yet again controversial such as this…aheheh you have the people who hate it…im sort of in the middle…and those who love it!!!…the food though..dont think I can see myself eating it…doesnt look tasty or uhm pretty lol

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