Hey curvy girl’s all over the world,
I was over at the Fashion Bomb catching up on my urban fashion when I found this exclusive interview Claire did with Joe Zee the creative director of Elle magazine about choosing Gabourey Sidibe for the cover.

Here is one of the questions the Fashion Bomb asked and we’re glad she did.
I had to press about the choice of her less-than-flattering wig and also why they chose to feature just her face instead of a full body shot. He said, ‘Well Gabourey came with her own hair, I had nothing to do with the hair,” he explained, “And with the crop of the photo, we thought it best reflected her bubbly personality. When she comes into a room, she’s not Precious. She’s talkative, bright, and a total movie star. I chose the green dress because I wanted her to look like a Hollywood Starlet. And we chose this shot because I felt she carries most of her spirit and personality in her face.”

First, whoever is giving Gabourey her hair pieces needs to be checked. You know when you are a celebrity and all eyes are on you, you must make sure your looks are on point. The hair is totally unflattering and in my opinion takes away from the picture a little bit. Secondly, I want to believe his response about choosing the cropped photo, but, it seems odd that the other 3 cover girls had full body shots (were their personalities not as bubbly?). However, I am still pleased that they did honor her with her own cover, but, come on, somebody on the fashion team couldn’t say hey Gabby, maybe we should try a different hair piece on you?

Just my thoughts. And I do love me some Joe Zee, but, I’m not buying the cropped picture excuse.

What are your thoughts on Joe Zee’s response?

For more of what The Fashion Bomb asked checkout The Fashion Bomb’s blog.


  1. >Hmmmm…….idk…The hair was a major faux pas! I wear lace fronts and wigs all the time and mine never looks bad. I wish someone would get Ms. Gabby a stylist! As for the cropped shot, if here hair and makeup were more glamorous it wouldnt have looked like she got cheated.

  2. >Idk. Whoever is on her style team is absolutely horrible. The bad weaves and matronly dresses I just dont know where to begin. The hair seems to be an easy fix. I mean she could buy better hair from an average beauty supply store! I think they did her an injustice. Anyone looking at the picture can see how unflattering it made her look. As for the "her bubbly personality is in her face" comment, I'm not buying it!

  3. >I totally agree with the hair piece… It was not the best quality and took away from the shot. I personally think they didn't want to look at her whole body on the cover is why they didn't have it on the cover. They put bodies on there that they think will sell. Sad but true! They could have found a better way to show Gabbi then what they did. Kuddos to Gabi bc she was on the cover. But BOO to Elle bc to me the whole cover seemed sloppy and lazy. I bet they wouldn't let beyonce or alicia keys wear that kind of hairpiece!!

  4. >As much as I love Gabourey…She looks awful on that cover of Elle. Say what you want but this photo was not covergirl material. I don't care if she came with her own hair, someone on that team could've pulled her aside and said HEY…WE KNOW YOU CAME WITH YOUR OWN LOOK BUT LETS TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT and worked on her.It's total bull what Joe is saying and with all the fabulous plus size trends going on out there…they could've worked her ass out in something fun and funky! I'm really tired of all the stylists she is working with acting like they can't dress her properly.

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