Crystal Renn has had an amazing year. The newly slim plus size beauty was seen walking the Zac Posen Z Spoke runway at 2010’s MBFW.
According to the Huffington Post: In an interview with People, Crystal says, “I’m freaking out. Zac is one of the ones you want. Zac, Calvin and Marc are the big three. I booked one of my three.” She said Posen “wants women to be able to fit [into his clothes] and to be able to buy them. They’re making the clothes for my size and everything. This is how fashion should be.”
With Chanel under her modeling belt, Crystal is becoming a force to be reckoned with. She is making the fashion world take notice of how beautiful curves are and that curvy girls can rock the runways too. What I love most about this picture is that she is in a bright yellow onesie. A piece that the who’s who of fashion would say that a curvy woman should steer clear from.

If you remember, I did a post a few months back about Zac Posen (You can read here) saying he wanted to do a line that includes size 16. Hearing Crystal say that Zac wants curvy women to be able to fit his clothes gives me high hopes that one day a size 18 can walk down the street in an outfit by Zac Posen.


  1. >I am a Crystal Renn fan so please don't take this the wrong way… We can't say a plus size model is modeling his clothing when she is only a size 10. This is like false advertising. A true plus size woman cannot fit Zac Posen's clothing. It's almost like a win/lose situation.She's beautiful as usual though, I must admit. But when a size 10 "plus" model books plus size ad campaigns in which the clothing has to be pinned to her, I think I now understand the outrage amongst true plus size shoppers.Kudos to Crystal nonetheless! If Mr Posen does indeed include an extended size range, I can only hope that it's cute for an actual size 16 woman and not just expanded from a size 0/2 sample.

  2. >What is the definition of "PLUS SIZE". I'm so confused. 😦 and all of a sudden I! I feel stupid for referring her as plus. I believe according to the fashion industry (sorry enough) she's considered plus size, she's the model with more flesh on her bones which designers would tell her to loose more weight or inches of her hips. which is sad…but I think she's proving a point that any body can walk the catwalk of high fashion designers and I think we're on the righ path of opening up designers eyes to EVERY body! right? Compere her body to the other models that walked the same show…mayority was only skin and bones.

  3. >@Nikstar- you're absolutely right. Crystal is not plus size, but to be politically correct in the fashion world that is what she is referred to. I would love to know if Crystal considers herself plus size and how does she feel being dubbed a plus girl when she is no bigger than a 10/12?If Posen does add extended sizes I think he should collaborate with a veteran plus designer to make sure he gets the cuts right. I think I'm going to checkout the Z spoke line this week cause I heard there are some 14's available.@Jasifer-I think we are all confused about Crystal being considered plus due to the fashion industry standards. Crystal, Lizzie, and Ashley, all just have a little meat on their bones. They should not be considered plus.

  4. >I know by industry standards that she is plus, I mean it's kinda sad that anything over a size 4 is considered plus. Once upon a time, someone in Crystal's size range would be considered a "lifestyle" model…that was what they referred to as the in between models. Not high fashion and not completely plus.I know I read somewhere that Crystal doesn't want to be referred to a a plus size model.I think Ashley is actually a size 16, which is considered plus. I know that a plus size model isn't a plus size woman but something needs to change. If they are plus size, what does it make the girl that is a size 18? Super plus?

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