One of the hottest outerwear items for Fall is the waterfall aka draped jacket. This piece is a must have especially if you are looking to update your boring old jackets or if you ‘re just tired of wearing the same old trench. We know how exhausting it can be trying to find the right outerwear piece to help you transition into the cooler weather and this piece is the perfect transitional piece. We love the waterfall jacket because it stands out on it’s own. It instantly adds interest to anything you pair it with. The drapery of the jacket is a flattering touch to any figure. This piece is great over a dress or over a sequin tank and a pair of skinny jeans.
On the search for your very own waterfall jacket? SC has you covered with 5 options that are sure to make you forget all about that boring old trench.


  1. >You know, I've been looking for a waterfall jacket or sweater but every single one I try looks terrible on me. :(I wonder if it's because I'm so busty and top-heavy. It's really a shame since it's such a cool style. I really like the jackets you've featured, especially the Asos one! 🙂

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