I can’t believe it! Elle has put “Precious” star Gabourey Sidibe on the cover of their 25th Anniversary issue. Elle’s 25th anniversary issue has four cover girls. Along with Gabourey is Amanda Seyfried, Lauren Conrad, and Megan Fox. The October issue is not only celebrating it’s 25th anniversary but it’s also shining a light on 25 celebrity women in their 20’s who have successful careers.

Gabourey has graced the cover of V magazine and Ebony magazine in the past. Currently she plays a H.S. student on the Showtime series The Big C.

I love that Gabourey’s star has not faded. So many people doubted her mainly because of her size, but, she consistently proves that she is here to stay and not going anywhere. Kudos to Elle for putting her on the cover of their 25th anniversary issue. I’m hoping that this issue is a big seller, especially Gabourey’s cover. This is another opportunity to show the publishing and fashion industry that plus size women can sell magazines.

Although this is wonderful news for the plus size community, we must demand more from magazines. It’s nice to be featured on the cover, but, is Elle going to consistently show plus size clothing in their magazine’s? Let’s hope so.

After being blown away at the fact that another major fashion magazine actually put another plus size girl on their cover. I do have two questions. What happened to Essence? The premiere magazine for African American women has not yet given Miss Sidibe her own cover. Hmm, I wonder why?

Secondly. Oh, why did they choose this wig for Sidibe? It looks a little dry and most importantly, it looks like a wig. I think they could have done better with the hair.

Checkout the rest of the cover girls

All I can say is, take that Howard Stern. Never underestimate the power of Fat Girls.

Will you be buying the October issue of  Elle with Gabourey?


  1. >ABSOLUTELY!! You are absolutely right! The more that we show the industry that we CAN sell magazines, the more opportunity there is for ALL of us! YAY!

  2. >I already suscribe to Elle, so consider this issue already paid for. I am with you on the wig. It looks a hot mess. I think time and time again these magazines have an opportunity to really make Gabby look great and they fall short everytime. What does it say when a fashion magazine is unable to wow us just because the covergirl is plus sized. It is a shame really. I won't critique anymore past the hair because I haven't seen the clothes yets, but I can already tell that I will be unimpressed.

  3. >I am plus sized and I want to support her SO bad but all around I just don't think there is much that can be done to make Gabby look "beautiful" physically. I agree the wig is a mess and I can only imagine what the wardrobe looks like…..she could really benefit from losing weight she doesn't look like a "healthy" plus size like the old J Hud did to me.

  4. >i'll preface my statement by saying that i don't know who styles gabby but that being said, maybe a plus-sized stylist should step up. knowing the challenges firsthand, maybe they would be more successful in styling gabby.

  5. >I'm not a fan of Elle so I doubt I'd buy it, but I really want to see what's inside. We need more plus-size style features in fashion magazines on a REGULAR basis, not just now and then … once in a blue moon! Features with real clothes on real women of all different body types (apple, pear, inverted triangle, hourglass, etc.). Until this happens I won't take seriously the way these publications pay lip service occasionally to different sizes, but forget about them for the rest of the year.

  6. >I honestly hate the way she dresses. Not to be mean nor am I a hater but she has no style. Like she doesn't have to be fashionable but damn, she doesn't even have style. Just saying.

  7. >I can agree with you all that her stylist just doesn't do her justice. I am aways curious to why she hasn't gone to Monif C. for some great red carpet pieces. I've seen her in IGIGI, but, she or her stylist needs to reach out to the creme de la creme of plus designers. As for the hair, very few times has it looked decent. I like her best with the chinese bang she had on Letterman.

  8. >oh wow i just read yor article on her hair peace i think that cover was a slap in the face they could not take that of her head and get some1 to do her weave ive been watching the hills they really need to check some ppl at elle

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