This year Fashion’s night out is bigger and better. There are so many events going on that it was hard for SC to choose which events to attend. It was a hard decision, but, I think I finally got my line up.

First SC is going to hit up Lord &Taylor for the Lord &Taylor and Madison Plus contest. They have narrowed it down to 3 finalists and I can’t wait to see who’s gonna win that amazing $1,000 giftcard from L&T. Checkout the 3 finalists on Madison Plus

Then I’ll be heading over to Lane Bryant on 34th street to checkout  Lizzie Miller and Ashley Graham. Plus, I can’t wait to sip on one of those Lane Bryant Martini’s called the Lanetini. For more info checkout
Lane Bryant

After that, I will be heading over to Teen Vogue and ASOS FNO Event.
Last but surely not least, I’ll be ending FNO at ReDress NYC in Brooklyn to checkout Lotis clothing and chat with some of my fellow bloggers. For more info checkout ReDressNYC

Good thing FNO is on a Friday, after all this traveling, shopping, and drinking, I’m gonna need to sleep in the next day.

Tell SC, where will you be on FNO?


  1. >i know i will definitely be at re/dress but because you talked up the lanetini, i'll flow through there too, even though i was trying to keep it local to brooklyn.

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