The Brits really have the US beat.
According to StyleList:
“Britain has launched Just as Beautiful — the first glossy magazine devoted to plus-size women, the Daily Mail reports.

Previously a digital publication, the pro-curves tome just debuted as a bimonthly magazine featuring only models who are a UK size 14 (a US 10) or higher, according to the paper. What´s more, the magazine will reportedly ban dieting tips and airbrushing.

“If you´re a woman over Size 14, you´re likely to be stuck for something to read that doesn´t make you feel like you´re too big or ‘wrong’ because you´re not a Size Zero,” editor Sue Thomason tells readers in the issue.

“We want our readers to know that they don’t need to change their appearance to ‘fit in’ or be truly happy.”

The magazine will feature articles on fashion, cooking, and lifestyle. However, they will be offering exercise tips.
 According to Publisher Ronnie Ajoku, “We might have interviews from plus-size celebrities but they are straightforward interviews and don´t concentrate on their size.”

“The point of the magazine is not to make such a big deal about women´s figures like other magazines do.”

PS, I love that they have a photo of Christina from Musings Of A Fatshionista on the cover asking , “Who are the fatshionista?”

Go Christina!

Here’s what the models look like inside. They are all sized from 14-20

All photos: Dailymail.co.uk



At some point or another, we’ve all wished we could look like a model or dress like a model. Well, SC is here to help. We spotted the gorgeous actress, producer, business woman, and fierce model Mia Amber Davis at the Monif C. 5th Anniversary party. She was looking hot and sexy in a form fitted striped dress and blazer. We asked Mia where did she get that dress and she let us know that it was from the wildly popular brand Faith 21.

Now, here’s your chance to look like a model.

Get Mia’s look:

Striped Dress: Faith21
Blazer: Old Navy
Butterfly cocktail ring: Forever21
Peeptoe Booties: Lord&Taylor
Pink Clutch: Couture Candy
Black Nail Polish: Bloomingdales



Okay, I know we all have a love hate relationship with Crystal Renn. Yesterday photos of Crystal shot by famed photographer Terry Richardson were released and they are pretty interesting. The photos showcase Crystal draped in gorgeous jewels and stuffing her face with obscene amounts of food. The photos were taken for French Vogue’s 90th anniversary issue for a feature called “Festin.”

When you look at these photos what do you think? Are they offensive to plus size women by implying we just want to stuff our face with food or is it just fashionable art? However, these pictures are definitely shocking and interesting.

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Claire’s the jewelry hot spot for tweens, teens, and sometimes us grown folks has given their site and products a much needed makeover and SC likes it.

According to Claire’s CEO Gene Kahn “The new claires.com will provide a fabulous opportunity to
deepen our relationships with existing customers, connect with new consumers, and generate a
tremendous amount of enthusiasm for the Claire’s brand by providing a fun and engaging
destination. We believe this innovative interactive approach will resonate with each of our target
customer groups, but with a particular focus on teens. It also strongly supports the brand
transformation we have been pursuing throughout the Claire’s business with substantially
upgraded product, improved stores, and enhanced marketing efforts.”

Cool finger rings
In addition to uprading their products they’re also making blogging part of their new site by adding a section called Style File.
Gene Kahn says,  “Blogging will be a major component to interactions on the new Claire’s website. Each and every month, visitors to the site will be introduced to three real‐life teen Style Bloggers chosen from a

national audience. The daily content posted by these three bloggers will include fashion and style
tips, music and pop culture gossip, and chat about their everyday life experiences. The bloggers
will use their own photos and videos instead of traditional studio photography to share their
opinions about trends and products. Site visitors will have the opportunity to interact with the
bloggers by posting comments and questions, sharing posts they especially like on their own social
media pages, and applying to become an official Style Blogger for a future month.”

And if you thought that wasn’t enough, Claire’s is getting in on the Glee action. This month they launched an exclusive Glee Jewelry collection and accessory lines.
According to a press release from Factory PR, “The program will kick-off on September 3rd with

the introduction of three fully-branded GLEE pop-up shops in the Los Angeles, Chicago and New York
Metropolitan areas. These pop-up shops will be followed by a rollout of the line to over 1,500 stores
across the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico on September 9th. Claire’s will support the program with an
extensive multi-platform marketing campaign that will include a corporate rebranding and special online
and in-store promotions.

Whether you’re a tween, teen, or full blown adult checkout the new site at Claires 


Just like many of you, I love to shop at budget friendly stores like Forever 21 and H&M. I can’t tell you how excited I get when I find a banging dress from H&M and it cost me no more than $50. I also love sharing with my friends about the cutest items I find at Forever 21 for no more than $30. When it comes time, I wear those pieces with pride and even taken care of them just as good as something I paid $200 for. When it comes to shopping on a budget (whether you want to or have to) many of us feel a sense of pride because we for the most part received a good deal, right? So, why is it that whenever someone mentions the long time wallet friendly store “Rainbows” we immediately turn up our nose and cringe at the sound of the name?  
If you are from Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, and Staten, then you know what I’m talking about.
Back in the mid to late 90’s, it was never cool to say you bought something at Rainbows because it meant that it was cheap. During that time the cool clothes were a pair of Guess jeans and Ralph Lauren polo shirts. If you didn’t have name brand then you better not mention anything about Rainbow or you would risk getting ridiculed by the mean girls during lunch time.

Rainbows was one of the first chain stores that carried both straight and plus sizes before other brands starting doing so. Even with all their polyester and itchy fabrics they manage to produce  cute and trendy pieces for girls on a budget. Now, you would think that we would embrace a store like this just as much as we embrace stores like Forever21, right? Well, not exactly. Although Rainbows is a budget friendly store it’s name is used derogatorily amongst those of us who consider ourselves pretty fashionable. Whenever something looks cheap, what’s the first thing we say? “That looks like something from Rainbows.” Rainbows offers just about the same trends for the same prices, if not cheaper than H&M and Forever 21, so, why do we dismiss and disparage the longtime wallet friendly store and not embrace it? Could it be because of Rainbow’s earlier reputation of low quality clothing that would deteriorate after two washes?

Whenever I have this discussion with people, I seem to get mixed reviews. Some girls have no problem shopping at Rainbows and will proudly let you know they do. Others, will kindly tell you no, I don’t shop at no Rainbows because the clothes are cheap. So, if we can proudly say we shop at H&M, Target, Kohls, and F21, then why are we so afraid to say that we shop at Rainbows?

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 Photo Credit: Jerritt Clark 
When I arrived to the fabulous Bo Concept store on Madison Ave. to celebrate Monif C’s 5th year anniversary, I was greeted by the beautiful Monif C. herself. She looked absolutely amazing and divalicious in a long animal print dress with a super bad Cleopatra style hair cut. I felt nothing but love. This beautiful confident and uber talented woman started her line 5 years ago with her mom. Due to her own frustration with the plus size fashions that were available at the time Monif set out to fill the void and ease the frustrations of plus size women all over the world who wanted luxury designs in curve flattering styles. Fast forward to now, Monif is celebratating her 5 years in an industry that shuns plus size women and she is holding her own. Year after year she consistently produced creative designs that made a curvy girl proud of her body and on Monday Sept. 27th 2010 Monif basked in the glory from all of her hard work and she deserved every moment of it.
Models all outfitted in Monif C. were strategically placed around the room showcasing some of the new Fall designs and of course the forever favorite convertible dress.

I almost didn’t make this event because I was working overtime. I had to leave the city to go back to Brooklyn and change my clothes. Nevertheless, I made it. I got there an hour before the party was over and the place was jumping and jammed packed. I decided to breakout my black and white leopard print dress that was gifted to me from Jessica London. I thought it would be the perfect dress to wear with my lace peeptoe booties from Betsey Johnson. Due to the humidity my face was glistening with sweat.

Me and Monif matching
Some of the who’s who of the fashion industry came out to support Monif. Checkout who attended.
Lisa Price owner of Carol’s Daughter
There were complimentary hand massages given by the Carol Daughter’s team
Photo credit: Jerritt Clark
Angel Laws creator of Concrete Loop

Model Mia Amber

Fashion Blogger Nicolette Mason



Hey curvy girls all over the world,
It looks like Raven Symone has taken on another style opponent and it’s a curvy girl fave, Ms. Amber Riley.
Amber looks stunning in a fuschia one shoulder frock while Raven is showing off her curves in a super sexy form fitting black dress.
Oh, I can’t decide!
 You VOTE!
Amber Riley
 Raven Symone
Photos: Essence & YBF