I got a call from a friend who wanted to meet for brunch today. I was so excited because I haven’t seen her in a long time. I thought a full skirt and lace top would be the perfect outfit for today. I love the ruched lace detail on the sleeves of this top. I also love the skirt because it is eye catching. The blue flowers on top of the stripes makes the skirt that more interesting. The skirt has pockets that are so deep that I could fit my keys and phone in it.

 One of my fave bags broke this week while at work. I had to go and get a new one so I could carry all my junk around for the day. I found this cinched fold over bag at Loft and I just love it. The only problem is that it’s deep and doesn’t have many compartments and it took me about 2 min. to search for my wallet. It’s cool, that just means I have to limit what I put in it.



 Alright, it’s off to Mimosa’s and french toast for me.

What I’m wearing
top&skirt- Faith21
Bag- Loft
Bracelet-NY&Co-Gifted from a fashion preview

10 thoughts on “>SATURDAY BRUNCH

  1. >That skirt is adorable! Goes perfect with the black top and shoes … I like how the ladylike sleeves and bows on the shoes really complement the print of the skirt. Cool! :o)

  2. >i LOVE this outfit. it's just a beautiful skirt (i love the pockets too) and that top looks amazing on you. i'm always afraid to get tops with full shoulders but i might try it out now….

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