From Dolce and Gabbana to Chanel and Valentino, the 2010 Fall runways were filled with intricately designed lace dresses and blouses. Lace is one of those fabrics that screams sexy and alluring. Pair a lace top with a tailored pair of trousers for a sexy sophisticated look or wear a lace dress for a night out. One of the great things about this Fall season is that lace has crossed over to accessories. You can get down with the lace trend by rocking a pair of lace peep toe booties or a super cute lace headband.

1 Dorothy Perkins scalloped lace dress
2 Dorothy Perkins Lace peeptoe booties
3 Plus Size Fix lace bolero
4 American Rag lace dress
5 Forever21 lace bow headband
6 Plus size fix sheer lace dress
7 Torrid lace dress
8 Torrid strapless lace corset

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7 thoughts on “>FALL TREND:LACE

  1. >I grabbed a black lace inset tee from New York & Company. Any suggestions on what to pair it with? I was thinking a cropped sweater over it with jeans. Thoughts?

  2. >@Bethanny that sounds good to me. You could also try the lace tee tucked into a dark denim pencil skirt or try it over a pair of skinny pants rolled up to the ankle with the cropped cardigan.

  3. >Ooooh that sounds good Savonne. Im just very "aware" of my arms and the shirt is not forgiving. I think I went into a panic. Both options sound great, thanks so much! Prob try both to get the most out of my money! 😉

  4. >I have a really cute black top that's laced right around the neckline. The first time I wore it w/ black espadrilles and a cardigan. The second time I've worn it was with ripped and bleach splattered DIY jeans. I can't recall the shoes but I do believe I also wore a different sweater. The looks were totally different though, and I love lace!!

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