Hey curvy girls all over the world,
Be sure to pick up your issue of InStyle Makeover this month because fellow curvy girl Jennifer Hudson has beautifully graced the cover. Jennifer is proud of her new body and has been flaunting it in body con dresses. I love InStyle’s Fall makeover issue because they offer tons of fresh ideas for Fall looks.

I must say that since Jennifer has lost weight it seems that her sense of style has changed for the better. I  think she looks fantastic.

What are your thoughts on Jennifer’s new body and look?

Checkout her pics

Photos from cover awards


  1. >she looks great. yes, it seems as if her style quotient has been upped since she's started losing weight. the official word will probably be that she can now fit more a-list designers' clothes, she's more marketable and thus able to attract better stylists, etc. that's probably true, like it or not. to me that means that plus-sized designers and stylists need to step their game up. that aside, jennifer is a beautiful woman. period.

  2. >She's beautiful, yes, this size or bigger. What I disagree with is the whole notion splashed everywhere, including nearly word-for-word on this cover, that a new body (read: less heavy body) = a better life. That is so ridiculous! It makes me very angry.

  3. >I think J Hud looks amazing, but they should chill on the photoshop. We all know she started out bigger & is now smaller, but to make her look even smaller is wrong!They do often make it seem as if a girl is smaller, her life is better–that is 9 times out of 10 true, but they should let it be known that life is ok when you're heavier too.

  4. >Jennifer Hudson looks very gorgeous. However even before the weight lost she was beautiful and fabulous. Now she is just hell of flawless. People you can say what you like, but Jennifer Hudson looks amazing. Haters are always going to hate they have nothing elsa better to do.

  5. >I really think she looks amazing. I am also proud of her that she did it in a healthy and reasonable time frame. So often when "curvy" girls lose weight there is a backlash, which she even mentions in her story. It is great to see a blogger writing so positively about her change.

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