It looks like it has been a great week of style for curvy celebrities. This week Amber Riley and America Ferrera both represented for the curvy girls on the red carpet.

Miss Amber Riley knocks it out the park in a super chic white dress and nude peeptoes.
America Ferrera kills it in a purple body con dress with black peeptoes
Who wins this style battle? Vote!


  1. >I love America for being such a good representative of the average women, but I feel like she's losing more and more weight! Like she knew she had to do it super slowly to not cause a ruckus, but that she's definitely gone down quite a bit.

  2. >i think they both win with these looks. i like amber floaty dress and her shoes are hot. america is killing it with the peplum dress in purple. while i understand vyque's concern about america's weight loss, i don't think it's drastic and believe in addition to working out that it can be attributed to her just growing up. she was 18 when she first came out. weight gain during puberty can be tough to lose but that doesn't mean that you can't.

  3. >@Asha-I agree. Although America has lost more than a few pounds she still has a curvy shape. That round face and those round hips have not faded.Now Kelly Osbourne, That's a dramatic weightloss

  4. >I chose America because I liked the color of her dress more, but really I think they both look equally good. The shape of the dresses suit their specific figure type. I just think Amber's dress would be much nicer if it was a bright color like America's, but that's just my preference. 🙂

  5. >if you haven't done it already (and i missed it), could you do a post on peplum dresses? i love that whole sexy secretary vibe and that dress is so that.

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