>As stores begin to roll in their back to school gear and direct your mind to what’s hot for Fall, SC is still in summer mode. We have decided to do a summer’s not over series where we will be bringing you some of the cutest pieces that you can still rock for summer. To kick off our series we found five of the cutest dresses under $100 to help you get through the rest of the summer looking hot and sexy.

I mean really, who is ready to rock ankle boots and a mock neck when it’s still 90 degrees outside?

Five super chic dresses under $100

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2 thoughts on “>FIVE SUPER CHIC DRESSES UNDER $100

  1. >Ok, I'm actually shocked! I like the Wet Seal dress (#3) but since when do they carry plus sizes??If I could fit that dress, I'd buy it- but I somehow doubt, not only that it won't fit but it won't last.I'm currently looking for a nice cocktail-type dress for a birthday party in September but I don't want to pay an arm & a leg and I want to be comfortable. What I've found are some cocktail dresses that are stiff or just not pratical.If you have any other ides, of nice cocktail-like dresses for a plus size fan, please let me know!-Fatima

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