Hey curvy girls all over the world,

Crystal Renn sits down with the Today show to explain why she looked so thin in those fashion for passion photos and why she has been losing weight. I can’t say that she needs to explain herself to anyone, but, I am glad she did. I get the feeling she may still be struggling with body issues, but, doesn’t that come with the modeling territory? However, she does stand firm on wanting to present a healthy body image. 

What are your thoughts on her explanation?


  1. Crystal makes a PIVOTAL point. Industry plus size and Everyday plus size are TWO VERY DIFFERENT THINGS!!!! In the industry, a plus can go down as low as an 8, but for everyday it’s generally a 14. So for your regular consumer, she doesn’t look at all like a plus size woman. I think therein lies most of this issue. To be entirely honest, when I first saw the Ford photos, I was very let down that she was smaller, because she is such a role model. But having seen this video, it is absolutely her right to be healthy and work out. And when you start working out and eating healthfully, only one thing generally happens, you lose weight. She’s still a rockstar status model, plus or not.

  2. What bothers me most is that photographer who altered her image so drastically & then boldface lies about having only done minor airbrushing? Cutting somebody’s size down from a 10 to a 2 is minor? Since when? Who do you think you are fooling?

  3. Crystal has slimmed down alot. She obviously had more curves several years ago. What she needs to focus on is herself. She made many comments and references about “the others”: her fans, those in recovery, straight size models. It seemed to me that she wasn’t angry that the photographer retouched her photos because of herself, but because, “OH, NO! WHAT WILL PEOPLE THINK!? Will they think I’m struggling with my weight?” People are going to talk about her and any other model forever. Model talk is great fodder for blogs and personal conversation. I’m not condoning the major retouching of the pictures, I just think that Crystal needs to really focus on herself to make sure that she feels good about what she’s doing. We can look to her for inspiration, but in the end every girl must fend for herself to really find inner self love. I’d be a fool to think that I could live my life based on Crystal Renn. I’ve struggled with weight my whole life and tried Slim Fast in the 3rd grade, so I know about self esteem/body weight/plus size, etc. I have to do me for ME. Crystal needs to do the same.

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