1. This ad makes me feel oppressed. From the frumpy oversized coat and gloves to the fact that they’re using chubby in the form of a noun instead of an adjective.

  2. First thought: Good thing we live in the 21st century, and silly ads like this are a thing of the past.

    Second thought: Hey, that’s a super-cute vintage coat! Wonder whether any are still around somewhere … God only knows it would be rad to find something vintage that would actually fit me. If I found one I’d wear it belted.

  3. ‘chubalas’ woulda been cuter …

    i don’t mind the word chubby when used by a ‘chubala’ but i sure don’t want to see it used as insulting in an ad …
    especially when the person who wrote the ad was prob’ly a skinny , flat ass , flat chested skeleton that got dumped by her boyfriend for a gorgeous chubala’…
    our time has come ladies ….

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