Hey curvy girls all over the world,
As I was reading the new issue of Marie Claire while riding the train into work this morning, I came across an article with Oscar nominated actress Gabourey Sidibe. Gabourey briefly chats with Marie Claire about her favorite features and regrettable fashion moment.
Checkout a mini excerpt:
MC: What’s your favorite feature?
GS: I have a nice smile, pretty lips, and big round cheeks. They help me look like a teenager.
MC: Most regrettable fashion moment?
In the seventh grade, I was about to leave wearing a jumper, when my mom said she could see my panty line. So I just wore stockings, That day I broke my ankle, and the EMS cut my tights off. I got a full cast with no stockings on and no panties.
In case you are wondering what Gabourey is up to, she will be on a new Showtime dramedy called The Big C.
Be sure to checkout the August issue of Marie Claire. I am still reading, but, so far there are a couple of features on Fall accessories which are pretty hot.


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