Hey curvy girls all over the world,

This is what I wore to the YFF Blogger Conference. I found this dress at H&M and immediately grabbed it up. I truly love that store and how their size Large manages to fit a wide range of curvy girl sizes. As you already know, I rarely wear anything without having a pop of color on, so, I thought my pink (my favorite color) sandals would be the perfect compliment to this dress. I wore leggings because I have a big ole’ booty that causes the back of the dress to rise higher than the front. I am not Marilyn Monroe so I didn’t want the dress to fly up and give everyone a peek at my goodies. However, I actually liked how the leggings looked with the dress. I also loved the movement of the dress, it made me feel sexy and free.
Being that I was going to the conference after work, I didn’t want to lug another bag so I threw on my go to white blazer to play down the dress.
My favorite part of this dress is the back. Oh, so, sexy!
Any who, I will be posting about my experience at the YFF conference soon. Hope everyone is nice like at FFFWeek


  1. You look AMAZING! I love it!!! Gosh, I haven’t been in H&M in a while, I might make a trip tomorrow! lol

    I ❤ the white blazer over the dress...and the pink sandals! So cute!

  2. You look so lovely! the dress is super pretty and your shoes are ridiculously hot, I love how you paired the white blazer with dress- seriously fabulous!

  3. Really lovely outfit- head to toe!! 🙂 And, here’s another example of an outfit I would like to wear to my job and be ‘cocktail ready’ for after work. How can I ‘conservative’ this look for my office?


  4. Thanks everyone.

    @Asha-I shop the stores early in the morning to avoid the lines, I can’t go in there any other time.

    @Fatima-To be honest, some things just can’t be worn in an office dress code like yours. However, you can do what I did by wearing a black blazer and tucking the dress into a pencil skirt. This way after work, you could take the skirt off roll it up in your bag and you’re ready for cocktail hour.

  5. I love this so! I love your style and am also jealous that you have H&M in your state! I have to travel across the country to go to one and I have been known to do so!

    I went to Virginia this week and that was the first stop after I got off the plane! The rest of the trip sucked!

    I also love the Target romper in the above post. I tried on a romper at H&M and it was a no go:(

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