Hey curvy girls all over the world,
If you are in NYC then you have been beaten up and down in the sweltering 100 degree weather we’ve been having. It’s almost to the point now that I am ready to walk the streets naked, seriously. However, like Destiny’s Child said, I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly, so, for now I’m keeping cool in this super cute white dress that I bought from Ebay extraordinaire Jen’s Fashion Plus. After my post about summer white dresses (check it out here) I decided to search for my very own and I came across this fun number at Jen’s store.

The dress is made of cotton, but, the material felt like gauze, which I liked because it would keep me dry throughout the sweltering heat. The ruffles at the bottom of the dress made me feel girlie. Personally, I love tube dresses because I like to show off my neckline, so, this dress was perfect in so many ways. The dress also had a beachy feel, which is why I knew a straw hat and cork wedges would be the perfect compliment to the look. The dress was so light weight and comfortable that I was able to walk around in it for hours without dying to take it off. Most importantly it was under $30 and is made of good quality. I will be wearing it at least once a week for the rest of summer.

Dress: Jen’s Fashion Plus
Shoes: Banana Republic
Bangles: Lane Bryant (complimentary gift)
Earrings: H&M
Hat: Forever 21

Be sure to check out Jen’s Fashion Plus

14 thoughts on “>STAYING COOL!

  1. >You are working the HELL out of that white dress… with 3 kids I can't even think about white… But hear me when I say… you make white… LOOOK GOOD!!!And I'm feeling you on the jelly… I'm keeping it contained but in my un-a/c'd home… I am all naked (or damn near) all the time… lol 🙂

  2. >That is a lovely dress. I would wear it everyday in this heat!! Lol!! I would love to wear a dress like that at work but I work at a bank and there are conservative dress codes. Overall, the attire is business-casual and if you're of a 'title', suits are a must. Even with our business-casual rules, women must wear stockings with dresses (needless to say, I wear slacks during the summer just to avoid the stockings!) and even peep-toe shoes, open-toe not allowed unless worn with pantyhose.So, how can I look as 'cool' as you, still be business casual AND avoid stockings in 100 degree weather? Any tips or suggestions??-Fatima

  3. >@fatima-Hmmm! I used to work under thosed dress codes many years ago, so, sometimes you have to be honest with yourself and just say I can't wear certain things to work. Obviously, since you must wear stockings your only options are pants and closed toe shoes if you don't want to wear stockings. If I were you, I would choose cropped or ankle length trouser pants with cute sling backs to stay cool during the summer. This way you are abiding by the rules.

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