Banana Republic Fall Collection
Hey curvy girls:

According to Stylelist, retailers will begin to usher in their fall collections very soon. I am talking this month soon. It’s only July, fall clothing is nowhere on my mind. I am still trying to perfect my summer wardrobe. Ever since the recession, retailers have been shaking up their inventory by cutting down the amount of sizes they are shipping to stores. Could bringing out their seasonal collections early be a new tactic to boost sales? As consumers are you interested in buying fall clothes this early into the summer?

Here’s what Stylelist had to say:
It’s the fast-fashion retailers like H&M and Zara that are making things move more quickly these days, because they can. And if one does it, they all follow suit. However, there have been some concessions made to this insanity. Designers do show things like shorts and swimsuits for some early fall (aka summer) deliveries, and leather pieces always seem to find their way into early spring selections.

Retail trend expert Tom Julian author of “Nordstrom Guide to Men’s Everyday Dressing,” says,
“In the apparel world, designers and brands are always working about two years ahead, committing to fabrics and themes,” Julian, author of “Nordstrom Guide to Men’s Everyday Dressing,” continues. “The only way to stay competitive is to embrace this model and give retailers what they ask for — even if the shopper is not asking for it.

For more on  the story checkout Stylelist

Just in case you are one of those shoppers who hates summer and you are ready for Fall. Here are a few retailers with some great pieces for fall.

Old Navy

Ann Taylor
All photos from Stylelist
Are you ready for Fall yet?

2 thoughts on “>ARE YOU READY FOR FALL YET?

  1. >i'm ready for fall. summer in nyc can be awful with the high temps and humidity. plus, i've bee tired of seeing naked people when i'm on my way to/from work. where are you going dressed like that at 8 on a tuesday morning?!

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