Hey curvy girls,

Today’s curvy conversation is about Crystal Renn’s photo for a nonprofit organization. I was reading the Ford Models blog and came across this photo of Crystal Renn shot by photographer Nicholas Routzen for his booster campaign for children and the arts. There is some controversy stirring over this photo for the obvious reason that Crystal looks super thin in this photo. Also, the photo in my opinion looks a little scary. The dark makeup, the hand on the mouth, doesn’t scream fashion for passion to me. The point of the photo is to also advertise the silk screen t-shirt Crystal is wearing.

 At this point Crystal should not even be considered plus size anymore. In my opinion I think that is what her agent is working towards. Why are plus size models getting smaller? It seems that they come into this business at a 12 or above and as they get successful they start to shrink. It has been said that Crystal is losing weight because she is an active girl, sorry, but, I do not believe that for one second. I believe as she is becoming more successful, designers are probably putting on the pressure to lose a little weight, and she is obliging them. Crystal is a beautiful girl which is no wonder why designers want her. However, this is not what the plus size woman looks like.

I thought you guys would like to discuss this photo amongst yourself. I want to read your thoughts. Don’t be shy, just be respectful.

Do you think Crystal is looking so thin these days do to an active lifestyle or is it to further her career as a model?

For more on the story checkout the Ford Models blog here.


  1. >Dont understand why this woman is considered plus size. It just gives out a false representation. And the pictures are so Heroin Chic…not a good look at all.

  2. >for me, this picture begs two separate conversations. first, her weight loss is noticeable, bordering on kind of drastic. but if she can't fit into a sample size, her industry is still going to consider her a plus sized model. does she represent me? no. not now and not before. we tend to forget that most "regular" people don't look like/aren't built like models, plus sized or otherwise. most of the lane bryant models appear to just be larger versions of regular models with flat stomachs, proportionate sized breasts and non-obtrusive butts. i don't know too many plus-sized non-models that are built like that but then again, that's the difference between models and regular folk. another thing, do i like the pic? meh. like you, savonne, i don't get how this photo portrays fashion for passion and i understand why elle would consider this "heroin chic" but how is this crystal's fault? models show up and do as they're told – good, bad or indifferent. if we don't like how she looks, then we should complain about the industry in general. and then we should also be careful what we wish for. we want plus sized models to be used more. this is how models are used, like it or not.

  3. >This photo is definitely heroine chic, and I don't get it at all. Agree that Crystal is not responsible for that. I have always thought she was an absolutely stunning girl. I am always in favor of people becoming more healthy, but I thought she was truly perfect before. The whole point of her memoir was to speak out against what the modeling industry does and to speak up about how that related to her personal health. Based on that, what I see here is sad. It looks as if she has fallen into the same trap she was in before.I hope she is in fact staying healthy. If she is trying to be straight-sized, though, then she is changing everything she stood for.

  4. >I agree- this is not the image of a plus size model. Whether or not she is being told to lose weight or if she is losing weight on her own accord, the point remains that as of now, she should not be considered a plus size model.

  5. >Yeah, Crystal's not representative of the plus size community at this point. And on the flip side – imagine what it's doing to women who are a size 8, 10 and are seeing her being promoted as plus size. Suddenly those women are going to be thinking, "Oh, apparently I'm plus size." This is not serving anyone well.

  6. >Crystal is still plus in the "fashion world" your not a 2 or 4 your plus. I don't get that. Im a size 6/8 I fall in the average range but not in the fashion world.

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