>Hey curvy girls:
I have two small beefs with urban designers that I would like to get off my chest. Yesterday I posted a black strapless trench coat dress on the SC Facebook page. I posted this dress because I thought it was cute until I saw the big golden Baby Phat cat printed clear as day on the front of the dress. I can’t tell you how annoyed I was and a few SC readers understood why.
(You can see in the pictures below how logo’s detract from the designs.)

Some urban designers who appeal to the younger consumer are still branding their clothes with big logos. Why is this still happening? You would think since Baby Phat, Rocawear, Apple Bottoms, and Dereon have been out for awhile that they would see logo’s all over everything is not cool anymore. In the early 2000’s you were not fly if you did not rock anything with a logo on it. Remember when Biggie had everybody in the hood rocking Versace shirts or when rappers would be out in head to toe denim Gucci suits with the G’s all over? I don’t mind a t-shirt, but, on a dress it just looks tacky. I don’t want to be a walking billboard.

My second beef with urban designers is the use of polyester and ruching, especially for their plus size lines. Every time I see a polyester ruched dress or top with the big logo on it, I want to cut it up and stomp on it. It’s as if there is no other fabric they can use for the curvy girls. Frankly, the polyester and the ruching makes the clothes look cheap. It’s bad enough that we have to deal with other plus size designers making everything in jersey material. Curvy women like structured clothing too. Everything doesn’t have to be stretchy. Can I get some cotton and silk, please?

 In a perfect world, I would love to have an urban designer create a collection that covers every aspect of a young woman’s life, because, we are all not at the club every night. We do work and go to school. I would like to see an urban line that offers work, weekend, and after hours attire that can still have you looking fly when you’re hanging with your girls. My hope and faith was in Diddy’s Sean John for women, but, I was disappointed in what I saw in the ads with Lauren London and Cassie. He did such a great job with SJ for men (he did small logos) that I thought it was going to translate over to his women’s line, but, it didn’t. As a woman who lives an urban lifestyle, I love to dress sexy, sophisticated, and chic. Can I get an urban line that reflects all of that and uses natural fibers? I’m Just Saying!

What are your thoughts on urban clothing lines?


  1. >U took the words right out of my mouth. I don't mind wearing baby phat, but not with all that logo ish….There's cute things, but I don't like to be a walking billboard. So until they get the logos off the clothes and stop using polyester, they won't be getting my dollars.

  2. >I am with you on that. ALthough I am guilty of purchasing from these labels. It is OLD news-this business with the friggin logo on the front. Makes me feel cheap!uniqueidfashionistas.blogspot.com

  3. >I hate the urban designers clothing. I won't wear it and b/c they have the name all over the clothing I don't even look at it in the store. I rather get something from a cheap store…it's the same cheap material and is cost cheaper and at least I won't be a walking billboard. They need to step their game up. The label look is dated and played1

  4. >I refuse to wear anything with a logo, and I have been so tremendously frustrated with urban brand clothing for years now. But the point you made about structured clothing is really what I wanted to comment on. Non-structured clothing, and clothing made out of polyester and jersey was my main complaint (well, that and that there were mostly dresses) for full figured fashion week. Girls of all sizes should have well made clothing, and I'd hoped that would be the case, but alas, it isnt.

  5. >i couldn't have said that better myself. i have never worn logos, even when they were in. first of all, anyone can slap a logo on any tacky item and charge more but i won't be buying it. secondly, the logos were always too big or too much. i'm already busty. i don't anything spread across my bust. and lastly, i'm not in kindergarten. the giranimals logo was cute when i was 3. not now.

  6. >I'm sooo glad other people feel this way. I have seen several relatively cute items from urban retailers but the gigantic logo is so tacky to me. Reminds me of high school..lolwww.southernfriedfashion.blogspot.com

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