Hey curvy girls:
Looks like FFFWeek has come to an end. My schedule was so hectic that I was only able to make two of the events. Nevertheless, I had a great time looking at all the fly curvy girl fashions and chatting it up with some of my favorite curvy girl bloggers like Musings of a Fatshionista and The Curvy Fashionista. To kick off my FFFWeek review, I thought I would give all my curvy and non curvy readers out there a dose of inspiration from some of the flyest curvy girls who attended the events. You know I ran them down like paparazzi just to get a picture.
Check out these stylish curvy girls
I kept staring at this girl all night. I was so mesmerized by her entire outfit. The mixture of colors and those fly ass shoes just made me smile.
I loved the black contrast in this outfit. She took a sweet dress and toughened it up with a wide black belt and strappy sandals. I also loved the fan as an accessory.
The Curvy Fashionista Marie Denee AKA my big sister looked super fly in this SimplyBe jumpsuit. I wanted to rip it off and take it home with me. I can’t wait until SimplyBe hits the US next month.
Who knew all black could look so fierce and chic. I cornered this beauty in the back of the room just to get her picture. I know she was probably saying, this girl better back up off me or else. I didn’t care. I just loved her swag. She is wearing the vest that all attendees received in our T.J.Maxx swag bag.
Oh, and here I am. I was strolling in from work sweating like a boiled frank. Aimee from Madison Plus snapped this pic of me.
More FFFWeek recap to come this week.


  1. all of the ladies are very stylish but i think that the 1st one is my favorite. wish i could’ve been there. i heard a lot of good things about FFFW. btw, i think that the stylish curvy girl in all black is a make-up artist in the ny area named tisa.

  2. They all look great! I am of course loving the colors in the first pic, but I like the sweet & sexy look of the 2nd dress as well. Black (4th look) in my opinion has always been known to be a fierce & chic color..”all black everything” is a NYC staple… You just have to know how to do it right & she definitely did with the pop of pink on her lips to boot!

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