Hey curvy girls,

This weekend I went to B’more for a family crabfest party. I had way too many crabs and don’t care if I never see one for the next 6 months. I thought I would share with you a few pics from the event with my family.
Me trying to put my shoes on, but, I was having a balancing issue.
Now I am ready to have my picture taken, lol.
It was all about the crabs
One of my younger cousins, she’s an aspiring fashion designer. I thought she was too cute,but, everyone else thought she was crazy.
When people have a little drink, this is what happens

My big sister (I had to style her for the party)
My nephew and his other aunt getting down

My brother and his co-worker getting down
Me and my dad cheesing


  1. You look cute as usual. I live in Maryland and was in baltimore this weekend also, would have been interesting if I had run into you. Anyway, back to the fashion, I’m in love with your shoes.

  2. @makeupbykimporter-Thanks so much

    @godsfavorite-It’s basically 4 hours of all you can eat crabs,lol.

    @Michaniya-Yes, that would have great. I bought htose shoes the same day at Nordstrom Rack for dirt cheap.

    @Bianca-Thanks so much. Feel free to email any suggestions, rants, or raves. Welcome! πŸ™‚

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