Hey curvy girls,
After coming back home from the Lane Bryant conference I was so tired. I was not ready for work the next day. Normally I dress professionally chic for the office, but, I just couldn’t bring myself to get all dolled up. Whenever I get that way, I reach for a pair of jeans a cool top, tons of accessories (my favorite) and some bright heels. So I did casual Friday on Monday (my boss was cool about it). I also had the chance to wear my new slim fit pants and gold cuff gifted to me from Loft (formerly Ann Taylor Loft). They are so soft and comfortable. The only thing I did not like was that they came below my waist and I normally wear my pants at the waist to hold in my baby hero (my stomach).

I bought this cardigan last year (you might remember it here) I love it because of the side pockets and that it doesn’t have any buttons, so, I can leave it open or wrap a belt around it. You all know that I love mixing colors, so, I especially like how the dark blue looked against all the bright colors in the top. In this outfit I was able to get through the day comfortably and I even felt a little cute in it. Like I said, I was just chilling.

SC is giving away a free pair of these jeans. Stay tuned for contest info this week.

Cardigan, cuff, jeans, and floral top: Loft, Belt & shoes:RedressNYC, Necklace:Logo by Lori Goldstein Sunglasses:Banana Republic

17 thoughts on “JUST CHILLING!

  1. Okay so…

    1. That first picture took my breath away, you’re so pretty, gosh I wish I could rock short hair

    2. Love the outfit, great color choices

    3. I want a yellow belt now, good time to go thrifting, lol


  2. I’m not usually into florals (you did a post on that a couple of weeks ago) but I like this top. the buttonless cardi and the dark slim jeans give the top a nice frame so the floral design doesn’t look all overgrown. I really like how the jeans fit you so I’ll definitely be on the look out for the giveaway.

  3. Thanks everyone for your kind comments.

    @Asha-I know what you mean about florals. I find them scary sometimes too.

    @Finally accepting-if you are ever in NYC go to Redress, they have great belts there. Also, I tried to visit your blog, but, the link did not work.

    @Franceta-Thanks for the hair comment.I’m trying to grow it back, so, I always feel like it’s in it’s ugly stage, lol. Now you made me feel a little better about it.

  4. You look wonderful from head to toe in these pics. A lot of people are scared of yellow, but you tied it in perfectly to your look (not too much or too little). The floral w/ the navy cardigan is really a nice ensemble…the shoes & matching belt brings it all together. Thums up!

  5. For Spring and Summer, your outfit is the epitome of City comfort and chic! Great pops of color- the yellows, the pinks and the royal blueish cardigan, give a breath of fresh air to a pair of dark blue jeans. Great for a stroll out, Ladies’ evening/night and even date night. I really like the simplicity and the look of comfort! Well done!


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