Hey curvy girls:
You all saw Crystal Renn walk in the Chanel St. Tropez show and probably thought to yourself, she’s lost a lot of weight. Did she do so for the Chanel show? Well, Crystal’s agent satisfies our curiosity.

According to People.com:
Not so, says Renn’s agent. “She is not trying to lose weight at all,” her Ford Models agent tells PEOPLE. “She fluctuates between a 10 and a 14.” At the moment, she seems to be on the lower end of that range, in part, her agent says, because she’s been so active recently.

“She went hiking in Patagonia for three weeks over the holidays and she firmed up and got a little smaller,” he says. “She has also been traveling like crazy and tends to be smaller when that happens.”

Do you feel there needed to be an explanation for her weight loss?



  1. >Give me a break! She "fluctuates between a 10 and a 14"? Whatever! I'm going to need a real plus size model to step up soon. While I am happy that something over a size 2 is being accepted, I find it sad that the industry thinks this is "plus size." God forbid a woman that is a true size 14 or 16 hits the runway..pandemonia!!

  2. >I think the lengthy explanation is a bit much. Makes me think they are making up stuff to make it sound good. I get that she's "busy" but at her low weight she is not plus size.

  3. >I say this as I shrug my shoulders, literally: So what if she's losing weight especially if she is losing weight by keeping active and not tossing her hand down her throat! It's like people would prefer for her to be on the runway having a heart attack because of high blood pressure or high cholesterol but it's ok because she didn't fall into the 'industry's standards' of being a rail! "Congrats on that pacemaker girl, because you kept it real!!"-Fatima

  4. >I think people want to know if she's losing weight because in reality, she's not a plus size woman. She is normally a 10/12 and I've never seen her as a 14. I think she is amazing and fierce and represents a healthy body image for women everywhere.

  5. >She might be losing weight but that's normal. How many people stay the same size? Not that many. Many people weight flucuates. Some people gain weight in the winter and lose weight in the summer. Not because they are working out but b/c the weather is nicer. You take more walks, swimming, etc. Usually people are more active during the summer and therefore lose a little weight. So give her a break.

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