>Hey curvy girls,

Can’t believe it’s Wednesday already. I have so much work to do at the office that I’ve been staying super late. Working for a hedge fund is no joke. At least when my workday is over I have this blog to look forward to. This week I got a little surprise in the mail (not really). Last week I ordered the Kelsi Dagger Juno sandals from Piperlime who was offering 20% off sandals and I was so excited to wear them.

Lately my social calendar has been nonexistent. Since I am a corporate working girl by day, I decided to wear my KD’s with one of my work outfits that I got from one of my fave stores Loft.

 Curvy girls, do not sleep on Loft! I’m serious. They are one of the few chain retail stores that carry up to a size 18 and XXL in misses and a size 16 and XL in petites. I became a fan of their clothes after graduating college in 2003 because I needed some fun young looking clothes for work. You don’t have to necessarily go to them for edgy pieces, but, you can find some really cute basic pieces that include trendy dresses, skirts, and tops. Which can easily be paired with your edgy looking pieces. The cuts are true to size and they truly offer some great girlie stuff (if that’s your style). Lately I have been obsessed with their white boyfriend blazer (shown above). I wore it so much that I had to retire it to the cleaners because it was beginning to look yellow. This entire outfit, jacket, top, and skirt is all from the Loft (you can click on the links to purchase). I am in love with the ikat print skirt which will probably be one of my go to pieces for the summer.

I was a little mad with Loft when they stopped carrying size 16’s in the store (due to the recession). However, you can get the 16’s and 18’s on their website. As curvy girls we have to support those stores that carry above a size 12 or 14 so they can start to send the larger sizes back to the store and we can stop losing our money in shipping. This is why I am also a fan of Banana Republic who carry’s size 16’s and Tall online. Their tops are also generously cut for us plus size curvy girls with a little extra something something at the top. If they don’t see us buying in the store then we will have no other choice but to continue shopping online, which sometimes is a hassle especially when you have to pay to return.

Sorry for the super long post, but, I just wanted to share a few of my new goodies with you.

Also, Kelsi Dagger is having AN ULTIMATE FAN fan contest on their Facebook page. Upload a picture of you in your favorite pair of KD shoes and you will be entered to win not one but three pairs of Kelsi Dagger shoes. For more info on the contest go HERE.

*Please Note: I have not been paid to promote any of these products. Nor were they given to me by any of the brands. I spent my hard earned money on everything. I am just a real consumer giving my real and honest opinion on the products I love.

Are any of you Loft fans? What do you think about their clothes?


  1. >Interesting look- I am not 100% lovin' the grey ruffled shirt AND the floral printed skirt. The mix seems a little over acessorized. I probably would prefer a solid non-designed grey shirt instead.The shoes are nice…is the heel chunky or skinny? I think it would be an awesome shoe had this been a covered heel instead. Nice blazer, I definitely will be looking for one similar to yours.-Fatima

  2. >ann taylor wasn't even on my radar because i just assumed they didn't carry my size. thanks for showing me otherwise. i'm feelin' the outfit but i really love the shoes.

  3. >I so need a crisp white blazer. I have yet to experience Loft yet…it seems to grown up for me. Too business all the time but I have noticed alot of bloggers singing their praises. I'm going to have to check it out once I am no longer saving pennies:)

  4. >Thanks everyone. @Asha-it's not on many people's radar, but, they do have a good amount of cute pieces.@God's Favorite Shoes- Yes, some things are a bit older looking, but, over the past couple of years they have really been changing things around.

  5. >you have a great sense of style. You are not afraid of color and mixing up different textures of clothing. I would have not picked out those shoes but seeing how you put it together i understand why you bought them. You look so much better than those other women on those other blogs. Great job

  6. >OMG Alison, you and I are so >>>here<<<! I shop at Banana, Ann Taylor Loft and the Gap all the time for my sweet 16s. Curvy women stop me all the time to ask me where I got something and they're always surprised when I tell them those stores. Thanks for raising awareness.@SiaNyorkor_NJ

  7. >@The Sweetest Thing- I totally agree. Whenever I wear Loft and BR curvy girls can't believe they offer things for us. Don't get me started on BR I have an obsession with them, ecept lately, they have been a snoozxe on the Spring/summer designs. @Creative Seven-Serously, that blazer is a dream. I actually bought mine a size smaller, for a snugger fit. I hope you get it. Make sure to check for a coupon first, lol.Thanks for the compliments everyone.

  8. >Just found this blog today; it's good stuff.And I have to co-sign on Banana Republic and Ann Taylor as resources for in-betweenies.I'm mainly a AT customer rather than Loft because my personal style veers toward high WASP-socialite. I don't do casual that well, LOL.

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