Hey curvy girls,
So far this month has been a great style week for both Jennifer Hudson and Queen Latifah. Our fellow curvy girls were out promoting both of their movies. If you haven’t heard already Jennifer Hudson will be playing Winnie Mandela in a biopic and Queen Latifah’s movie Just Wright hit theaters this weekend. The newly slimmer stars have really been embracing their smaller frames and I thought it would be cute to see who you guys think was the most stylish.

Ready, Set, Vote!




  1. this is hard to call. i can’t really choose one over the other, unless i take all those early jhud mishaps into consideration. queen la has been a lot more consistent.

  2. I love J. Huds classic style, but I loooooooove how Queen Latifah can go from glam to urban chic…with ease and it doesn’t feel forced. My vote is with the Queen!

  3. Since J Hud had her baby I think she has most definitely stepped her game up & overall has been looking great. So if I compare her current style to Queen Latifah’s style I say J Hud is the winner.

  4. Looks like a tie bewteen Queen & Jenn. Jenn’s style looks like any average women can wear & be comfortable, which is an awesome & relatable factor. Then Queen’s style looks a little rock-ish and a little tight, which can be an interesting look @ certain times.

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