Hey curvy girls,
I was over on Jezebel’s site looking for some good fashion news when I came across this little piece of information about Polish Elle’s June magazine spread featuring plus size models from sizes 12-16.Check out Jezebel for more on the story

I think this is one of the best plus size spreads I’ve seen as far as styling goes. These ladies look happy, trendy, and most importantly confident. The shoot looks like it was a ball of fun. Unlike other magazines who have embraced plus size women, this shoot has no nudity. I’m all for embracing my natural self, but, I’d rather embrace my curves in great clothes that showcase and flatter my figure. I love that the women are wearing fitted body conscious dresses that highlight their assets. This is the kind of spread that speaks to your wallet and makes you want to go out and grab up everything you see here.  Nice Job Polish Elle.

Take a look at the Polish Elle spread and let me hear your rants and raves. Are these ladies doing us plus size curvy girls justice?


  1. you are absolutely right. i want everything in this spread! they did a great job on all fronts. the models are well-styled and most important, they look like actual plus-sized women. plus-sized and fabulous.

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