Hey curvy girls,
Whenever I wear anything strapless people always ask me how did I get my triple D’s sometimes F’s into anything strapless? I am well aware it’s no picnic to go bra shopping, let alone strapless bra shopping when you have large breasts. The twisting, the turning, and the rolling, it’s all a pain in the butt especially when you have to keep pulling the damn bra up every five minutes. Fortunately,I have tried and tested so many strapless bras until I found the right one. Now, I have no problem wearing anything strapless.

This week I stopped by Macy’s to upgrade one of my old strapless bras and I came across this Lilyette strapless stay in place specialty bra for full figured women. Lilyette has always been a good friend to the plus size curvy girl so, I did not hesitate to try it on. The great thing about this bra and the most important (in my opinion) is how comfortable the bra was. I wore it for an entire day and I had no problems. It was soft and smooth and my boobs rested in the cups oh so perfectly. It felt like I didn’t have a bra on all day. There was no twisting and turning or spilling out. Everything stayed in its place. The band width was thick enough to cover up and support my back and eliminate my mild case of back fat.

Here are a few of my tips for finding the right strapless bra for those plus size curvy girls who have large breasts.

1) You must try, try, try. One bra does not fit all cup sizes. I recommend going to the store when they first open to give yourself time to search and try on and to enlist the help of sales people.

2) In my opinion the best strapless bras are the push up styles. Try on a few different brands to make sure that the  push up style isn’t too severe and your breast look like they are on your neck.

3) Go for a thick band. A thicker band provides back support as well as prevents the band from rolling down.

4) Practice jumping up and down in the bra to test if your breast will fall out (Got this tip from an old Cosby show episode).  If  the bra is too loose you might need a smaller band size. The bra should be slightly tight on the first row of hooks. As you continue to wear the bra, the band will loosen up and then you can graduate to the next row of hooks for tightness.

5) Try a seamless bra for a smoother look under your clothes.

These are my picks for some of the best strapless bras that go up to a size G

Le Mystere





Strapless Bra Options


  1. >Hi I have a lingerie boutique and swear by the panache strapless bras. They seem to look huge until you try them on but they fit every time.Another alternative to strapless bras are bustier/basques that have detachable straps as they don't fall down.

  2. >i just went on a disappointing strapless bra search last week. thanks for the recommendations. since we're baring our shoulders, you know how the straps will dig into your shoulder if the straps are what's holding your breasts up instead of the band? do you have any suggestions for those of us that may have bruised our shoulders after years of wearing ill fitted bras?

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