Hey curvy girls,
A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a company called RX Undies to try a pair of their thong underwear.  Before receiving the underwear, I educated myself on RX Undies just to see what they were all about. I found that they are designed by two women who are a doctor and an engineer. Go figure!

According to their press release:
RX Undies are designed with a focus on comfort. They come up high enough in the front to keep you comfortably and completely covered, but stay discreetly tucked away with even low rise pants. RX Undies have a V-shape in the back so that they stay concealed within your clothing, even when you sit down. In addition, they have a longer lining that extends up higher in the front; this allows for greater comfort and keeps your anatomy fully covered. Not only does their design make RX Undies more comfortable, but it makes them more hygienic as well.

My Review:
There are two reasons RX Undies peaked my interest (1) They are made from organic fabrics and (2) they come in regular clothing sizes from 2-20.
After wearing the thongs with a pair of my skinny jeans, I had to admit that they were truly comfortable. The material was soft, light, and didn’t irritate my skin. It was like I wasn’t wearing anything. Most importantly the coverage was great. They were not like your normal slim jim thongs that sometimes disappear or move when you move. It was nice to wear a pair of thongs that stayed in its place and wasn’t droopy. The width and fit of the thong eliminated the embarrassing plumber butt. What I didn’t like was that the thong had no style. They were plain white. This was a disappointment because for women, they should know that we like our intimates in pretty colors and prints. I requested the thongs in my true pant size and they fit like a glove. Personally, I can’t wait to see the direction this company heads in, because, I would like to see more from them.

What do you guys think about this new brand of underwear?

2 thoughts on “RX UNDIES

  1. Sounds like a great idea, but I agree with you that they need to come out with some more appealing, eye catching designs. That will make a big difference in their sales.

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