>Gabourey Sidibe SNL

>Hey curvy girls,
Don’t forget to check out Gabourey on SNL this Saturday. Below is the show’s promo.
Are you just excited as I am to see her on there? I am also curious to see if they are going to do any fat jokes. Just wondering.



3 thoughts on “>Gabourey Sidibe SNL

  1. >I am more curious than excited. If I am home by then I will definitely tune in, but not a DVR moment for me. I am sure there will be clips all over next week in the case I do end up missing it.

  2. >I am starting to love her. I think she really funny and is not afraid to be in front of the camera. I think she is going to be someone who will be blowing up soon.

  3. >so, now that it has aired, what did you think of gabby's performance? i thought it was ok but then again, snl is just ok to me. it's usually hit or miss with a lot of misses. so, all in all, gabby did ok. i did like the pictures of her coming back from commercial breaks.

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