Hey curvy girls,
I found this cute little number at Faith 21 last month when I went to visit a friend in NJ. I love dresses with color combinations. What drew me to this dress was the design, it looks like blue and black lightening bolts. I also bought these silver ball drop earrings and ankle strap bow peep toe pumps from H&M ( favorite budget friendly store).

Things that make this dress work for my body type:
1. Obviously a belt hides a multitude of sins, but, the key to making a belt work for your curves is the placement of the belt. I have a large stomach, but, you would never know it in this dress. The belt is placed higher upon my waist because that is the smallest part of my waist.

2. The dress has an a-line cut that skims my curvy hips and doesn’t make them look fuller than they are.

3. The neckline falls just below my collar bone which decreases my large breast from being in your face.

As we speak I am waiting on my white boyfriend blazer from Ann Taylor Loft (pictured below) to throw over the dress for a little Miami Vice effect. I will do a wardrobe remix post when it gets here. Overall the entire outfit was under $75.


6 thoughts on “CUTE OUTFIT ON A BUDGET

  1. Do it, do it, do it! Show dem legs gyal. In all seriousness I love this dress..the color & the cut. It fits you great. Looking good!

  2. I love this dress!! You did an amazing job accessories and those shoes, Cute!! Work it Girl!! Your always well put together!!

  3. I hadn’t noticed the part where you let everyone knows why this outfit works for your body type. I think that is an awesome addition to the post. It is important to know your body type…it is the 1st step to looking good in clothes. Especially the belt part b/c I see too many women who are walking around with belts placed in the wrong area & it only adds weight, not takes away, so I am so glad you added that. And I love the honesty in your write up. Great job!

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