Hey curvy girls,
Today we are introducing our new beauty feature. A curvy girl not only likes her curves to be stylish, but, she also, likes her make-up to be just as stylish and flawless. We tapped an old college buddy to give us the scoop on what’s hot in make-up.

This is Anishea with all the makeup goodies behind her.

Anishea is from Brooklyn, NY and works for a very prominent make-up artist in the beauty industry. She likes her make-up just as fly as she does her clothes, so, I thought who better to keep my curvy girls up on the latest than her.

Check out the Top 5 Items In Her Beauty Bag:

1. MASCARA- Nothing like mascara, I don’t even need shadow. Mascara alone can make my eyes pop. I use MaxFactor False Lash Effect!! It’s not sold in the USA anymore. I am very sad my friends have to bring it back from the UK for me.

CoverGirl LashBlast Fusion

Lancome Hypnose Drama is my second fav. It fans out my lashes for a high drama look.
 2. LIP BALM/ LIP Gloss- Lips should always be moisturized. Simple drug store Blistex, or Vaseline can do the trick. I prefer to keep my puckers minty and with a tint of color.

CoverGirl WetSlicks Amazemint is the SHIZNIT (superb) my color is No Care Bare

 3. BRONZER gives anyone a nice glow. Even if you can’t go on vacation, a simple bronzer can give you that Bahama Mamma Caribbean Glow

 4. BLUSH in moderation. Too much can make you look cheap. Nars gives my cheeks the big O.

NARS Orgasm Blush

 5. EYELINER can take your simple day look into night. You can blend eyeliner to make a smoky eye or draw on bodacious wings to give a vixen vibe.

Okay curvy girls, that’s it for Anishea’s top 5 in her beauty bag. She did a great job. Check back tomorrow for her tips on beauty basics.

NARS Eyeliner Stylo ( teal blue color is Wicked)


What do you guys think of her picks? Would you like to see more beauty on this blog?

4 thoughts on “NEW BEAUTY FEATURE

  1. Nice post & good choices. I use the blush color called “Luster” from Nars. I absolutely love it. Nars is the bomb!And you are right about mascara. It add a great pop…I feel naked w/out mine, lol.

  2. I love this new beauty segment. You should do it more often.Let’s be honest if your clothes are great and the hair and makeup is a mess then it takes away from the overall fabulous look. I am not a big makeup person but I am definitely a fan of looking polish. I believe a little makeup make you look a little more special. I think makeup is like a good push up bra. I make the girls look great!

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