>Hey curvy girls, I had an awesome weekend. As a proud Brooklynite I went down to visit the plus size resale store ReDress NYC in the Boreum Hill section of Brooklyn. If you don’t know about ReDress you can take a look at their blog at ReDress NYC. They are the only plus size resale store in NYC that sells vintage and current plus size clothing in sizes 14 and up. They offer a great selection of sizes and budget friendly prices. This past weekend they hosted a shopping event with Plus Model Magazine. Deb the owner was gracious enough to allow Stylish Curves to come in and shoot a little video of some of the new things that had in store. This is Stylish Curves 1st video, so please excuse some of the mistakes and constant blinking of my eyes.

Sorry guys-the video is not showing up well. Needs more editing.

This RESALE store is not like any other and they had some awesome trendy yet modern clothes that fit like a dream. Here are some of the dresses I tried on.

This is the outfit I wore for the video.

Anorak Jacket-H&M Garden Collection

Floral Top- Ann Taylor Loft

Jeans- Old Navy

Shoes- Michael Kors

Necklace- Logo by LAori Goldstein

8 thoughts on “>REDRESS NYC

  1. >Ok, my comment was too short because I alway have a lot to say!! I love the gold number. Vintage really? it looks pretty present to me. Also love the colorful tight dress w/ large sleeve!! It screams vacation!!Great job on the video just wish it was clearer!!

  2. >I love the clothes! You know with everyone being curvy now. I understand now how plus size women felt before. When they used to say they don't have anything nice in my size. I am not a plus size girl however I feel a little let down b/c I love the clothes but if I wanted to purchase a dress you wore. I could not! Anyway your selections were great. You really told a story with the clothes you chose. You gave people a variety of options to wear.

  3. >aawww! i wish they had a store like that down here in san diego! ure right – what a dream! u looked amazing on ure picks … cant wait to see when the video is up again. and girl … ure so lucky! the yff conference is gonna be there! u planning on going?

  4. >I love each & every look. You've got fab, hawt, sexy and chic going on. ReDress really has some great pieces.@ Monica: I said the same thing! I was like "shoot, I want to wear most of these clothes & I can't..boo!" lol.

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