>CURVY CONVERSATIONS:The Incredible Shrinking Curvy Celebrities

>Hey curvy girls,
I’m all about keeping the curves in shape and every now and again (especially now, since spring is here) I pick up my 10 pound dumbells and get my weight lifting on just to eliminate some of the jiggle in areas I don’t like jiggling. I’m quite sure every curvy girl has that one body part they like to keep in line. With that being said, is it me or are all of our favorite celebrity curvy girls on a weightloss plan?

Kelley Osbourne, Mo’Nique, Tyra Banks, and Jennifer Hudson have all dropped a significant amount of weight. Jennifer Hudson looks slimmer than before she had the baby, Tyra’s back to her model size (although I think she looks better with weight), and Kelly Osbourne almost looks unrecognizeable. Are these weight losses for personal reasons and self acceptance or are they to enhance and better their already great careers? Mo’Nique lost weight and got her own TV show and her great career has gone to the next level, hello Oscar. Jennifer Hudson lost weight and dresses better than ever before. All the Tyra fat jokes stopped as soon as she lost her weight. America Ferrara lost weight and her career took off. Kelly Osbourne lost weight and I see more Paparazzi photos of her now then ever before. 

I can’t help but to think if newcomers Gabourey Sidibe and Amber Riley will follow in the curvy girl weightloss boom?

Please curvy girls, don’t take this post in the wrong way, I am a firm believer in keeping your body healthy and curvy, but, sometimes I just get curious as to why celebrities careers seem to soar as soon as they lose weight.
There is one thing I do notice when a true curvy girl slims down, the body gets smaller, but, the curves don’t go away.


3 thoughts on “>CURVY CONVERSATIONS:The Incredible Shrinking Curvy Celebrities

  1. >Well for me some looked less curvy & more dare I say plump before their weight loss. For instance Jennifer Hudson & Monique, in my humble opinion look much better now that they have shed a few pounds. Jennifer now has a more curvy appearance than before. For me Jourdan Sparks can go either way & still looks good. Tyra definitely lost too much weight, on the verge of bobble head edition. Amber Riley is a cutie patooty (how do u even spell that), so if she chose to lose weight then I just hope it's done in a healthy manner & not drastic. And I am sorry, but Gabourey Sidibe is not curvy, she is fat. I know people don’t like that word, but let’s call a spade a spade. Not saying she is ugly or a bad actress…just saying she is fat & I think losing a few pounds would do her some good. Not just in the body department, but for health reasons also (and yes I know you can be unhealthy even if you are not fat). Everyone feels better when they fit more comfortable into certain clothing or look a certain way in a pic or film, so if someone wants to lose a little weight, but it is not done drastically where they are unhealthy or look all crazy then more power to them. I said a mouthful..whew!

  2. >Hmmm…I just noticed Kelly Osbourne the other day on a magazine when my bf pointed it out and couldn't believe it. I think they're all fine either way and I think we perform better at what ever we're doing when we are more comfortable with ourselves. If that means shedding a few pounds, so be it. I will say though, I love it when Tyra Banks has the extra weight on too, not that I hate her thin. She has always had a wonderful, curvy body and for people to call her fat is just ridiculous. I have one to add to the list too, Jennifer Love Hewitt. I did a post on her the other day and this reminded me of her. I think she also looks beautiful both ways 🙂

  3. >I am all about fitness and loosing weight the right way. I am a curvy girl. In college I was fat yes fat. I didn't work out and I didn't feel comfortable with all that weight on. Thanks to that Depo shot. Uuurrgghh now. I am happy with myself. I work out 4-5 days a week. I luv it!! I still eat what I like but in moderation. I am a Caribbean girl and food is a must in my culture. So, I am all for fitness and getting in shape the right way. I saw Jennifer on Good Morning America today and she looks great!! YES GABBY NEEDS TO LOOSE POUNDS. Its just unhealthy!!!

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