Hey Curvy girls,
The past few days have been super sunny and nice in my hometown NYC. I love the beginning of spring because the air is so fresh and people are nicer. Most importantly, I love the spring weather because it gives me a chance to wear one of my favorite trench coats.

Three years ago, I found this really great DKNY ( Donna Karan is one of my favorite designers) bright red trench coats at Century 21 in Brooklyn for $80. When I saw the price tag I couldn’t believe they were selling this great quality trench for $80 marked down from about $200.
Once I bought this coat, I never bought another trench for the past three years. This coat was a star on it’s own, I needed to wear it everyday. So, today I just wanted to share my favorite trench coat with you.

Since the red trench gets dirty so fast (NYC transit), this year I decided to purchase another one to hold me down until I get the ASOS trench I posted up last week. The Old Navy trench is just a classic double breasted khaki trench, nothing spectacular. I don’t shop in Old Navy often, but, when I do, I try to go for the basics, this way I don’t have to worry about seeing every Harriet and Jane in the same thing.
I also checked out a few other trench coats on line for those of you who are looking for a new trench coat.

Options for my fellow curvy girls:

7 thoughts on “>IN THE TRENCHES

  1. >i recently ordered the old navy trench. i debated whether i should buy the women's 1X/2X or the 1X in womens plus. i finally decided on the womens plus. when i stopped in the store to see what else they had, i found 1 lonely 1X plus. it didn't work for me. i don't know if it was the style or cut but it was just blah on me so as soon as it's delivered, i'm exchanging it for someting else. in the meantime, i fell in love with the storm flap mac from dorothy perkins.

  2. >@Asha- The 1X fit me a little big too, but, I am going to have mine taken in a little bit for a snugger fit. Yes, Dorothy Perkins has some awesome mac jackets.

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