>Hey curvy girls,

In the March issue of Elle magazine, creative director Joe Zee (one of my favorite stylists) styled the cast of Glee in some of spring’s new styles. Check out how he styled fellow curvy girl Amber Riley.

As usual she looks awesome. I love the way Joe Zee styles because he always mixes a classic piece with something edgy. This outfit accentuates her hips and her bust line, while giving her an hour glass figure.

You can check out the Glee cast video here:


How do you think Joe Zee did?


  1. >Amber looks absolutely fab. It wasn't until you wrote posts about her that I became familiar w/ this young lady & I must say she exudes confidence in everything she wears. Joe Zee did a great job styling her for this shoot.

  2. >I agree with sylishous I am not familiar with the stylist or the actress but she looks great. The proportion are great and the outfit looks trendy but it's not an outfit that she can't wear 5 years from now. Two thumbs up.

  3. >Love this outfit, I will have to pick up this magazine just to find out where I can get the pieces fr this outfit. I love the show Glee and believe that Amber had great Talent as well as a good taste in fashion.

  4. >amber usually looks nice, not fabulous but just nice. but the ante was really stepped up here. she looks sexy but overly so, sophisticated but not matronly, and young & fresh without looking juvenile. great job!

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