>I am so glad that we are at a time where there are more than just one or two voluptuous curvy celebrities on the red carpet. I am so used to just seeing Queen Latifah, who always represent the curvy girls fabulously.

This year at the NAACP awards there were countless curvy celebrities.

Who do you think was the best dressed?

Chandra Wilson, Mo’Nique

Amber Riley, Jill Scott
Raven Symone, Gabourey Sidibe
Photo Credits: Yahoo, Just Jared


  1. >I think Monique and Raven Simone looks the best. The other women were ok. Gaby looks nice but she needs to lose weight. She always looks uncomfortable b/c of the weight.

  2. >I love that Amber Riley is not afraid of color & she always looks confident & happy on the red carpet – she looks nice. Chandra Wilson could have come better than that…she looks a little matronly. I'm not exactly sure how I feel about Jill Scott's look, but I do like that she has a sexy look going for her. Between Raven's makeup & outfit color she looks extremely pale & washed out. Gabourey's dress is a good fit for her body, but I must agree w/ Monica that I do think she could lose a little weight. On one han d I want to say Monique looks nice, but then she looks a bit too bride-ish, weddingy (I know it's not a word) in that white dress. Okay – that was a lot..lol.

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