My ultimate favorite blog to read everyday is nymag’s fashion blog. I mainly like to read because of the funny honest comments other people leave. Today, I was reading and I came across this article that Zac Posen said it was always a dream to dress a size 16. What! Who knew? Well, I am very pleased to hear this because some designers act like anything above a 12 is grotesque. Zac has a new line called Z spoke that recently launched in Saks Fifth Avenue stores. The line is lower priced from about $80-$675.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:
“It’s a dream of my life to be able to make a collection that can work for so many different kinds of women,” he told us. “This is about dressing America.” While his runway pieces run up to a size 12 in stores, Z Spoke, which Saks Fifth Avenue stocks exclusively, includes up to a size 14 for the spring/summer collection, and will expand to include size 16 for fall 2010. Is this a reaction to the emphasis on curves lately? Perhaps. But according to Posen, it’s just a matter of confronting reality. “It means we’re able to really address our planet. And how women are and look, and really make a difference
For more on the story go to: NYMAG
 My Verdict: Zac can dress me anytime.

What do you think about Zac coming on over to the curvy side


  1. I think Zac is doing the right thing in designing for the curvy ones….lean bodies without curves is not fashionable anymore….Fashion world is getting more health conscious….So congrats to Zac for thinking out of the lot. Must say a good thought.

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