The other day I came across an article in the New York Metro newspaper with a picture of plus size model Crystal Renn from the V magazine size issue, and it was titled, “But…Will it last!” The article explored the rise of the plus size model in 2009. It gave a vague timeline of the ups and downs of plus-size models from 2005- 2009, recapping some of the most historical plus size model moments, such as knit wear designer Mark Fast choosing three plus size models to walk in his spring show to Karl Lagerfeld’s crazy rant about plus size women being “Fat mummies.”

The writer Kenya Hunt (Metro World News In London) interviewed industry insider Gary Dakin (Crystal Renn’s agent)

Excerpt from the article:
Since September, Gary Dakin, head of Ford Models Ford + Division, has also received more requests than usual for his models. Gary says: “We have seen spikes in interest. But this year has by far been the biggest one,” he says.

According to the article: Dakin thinks that the term plus size is a huge part of the problem that prevented women like Renn and Atwell from booking jobs. He goes on to say, “We have got to get rid of this label.  Women who are size 16 don’t necessarily view themselves in the same category as women who are a size 28. If we eliminate the label, problem solved.”

A 2001 people magazine article of the top plus models

My thoughts:
As we all know, at this moment it is cool to be curvy or have a little meat on your bones. I think the fashion industry is finally recognizing what the everyday woman wants to see. I believe the plus size phenom will last. This is not anything new. Plus size women have been fighting for years to be accepted into fashion. Models like Emme have been out there advocating for more plus size models and plus size fashion for years. It just seems like now we are being recognized by main stream media.Yes, there are still those fashion designers and editors out there who think that plus size means being unhealthy and they will never become supporters of the movement, but,  I think that the rise of the plus size is here to stay.
As plus size women we should be putting our money where our mouths are. If we want more designers to make plus size clothes then we have to support the designers and chain stores that do offer plus sizes. This will create a need for more plus size models. If we don’t support, then we will not continue to see a change. 
Plus size model working the runway
What are your thoughts on the following points that Gary Dakin makes?
1) A plus size 16 does not neccessarily put themselves in the same category as a size 28.

2) We need to eliminate the plus size label.

My question to you:

Do you think the plus size phenom is here to stay?

3 thoughts on “>THE PLUS SIZE BOOM!

  1. >I think the comment about taking the word plus size away would be good, but, then how do we refer to those models who are not straight size. A size 16 sure can't identify with a size 8.

  2. >Curves RULE!! At I created my swimwear brand 'CHEEKY BEACH' specifically for women with curves and my sizes range from a D to J Cup and sizes 8 to 16. We do a separates collection that incorporates 'high-octane glamour & superb fit.Please go to http://www.cheekybeach.com and visit my online store for STUNNING 'Beach to Bar'Wear for CURVY WOMEN!!! LOL, Andrea (Founder & MD of Cheeky Beach XXXX

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