>A Curvy Girl Do Or Don’t

>Curvy girl Jennifer Lopez rocks a gray courduroy jumpsuit. I am all for a jumpsuit that hugs curves in all the right places, but, I think this one is a little too tight. Her body looks great, but, this jumper does not flatter. There is too much pulling in the crotch area and the color washes her out. The matching shoes makes the outfit look bland and dated.

What are your thoughts on this? Would you put your curvy body in something this tight and light?

3 thoughts on “>A Curvy Girl Do Or Don’t

  1. >OMG..when I saw this look on one of the gossip websites I thought to myself "this looks like something out of the Jenny from the Block/Bennifer days." I agree totally dated. Not her best look & not the most flattering. Come better Jen!!

  2. >I agree, this is something that I would have worn during my early years of high school when denim jumpsuits were hot in the hood with a pair of construction heels

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