2009’s Breakout Plus Size Curvy Fashionista

 We are used to celebrity fashionistas being the normal slender frame with no curves, but, this year plus size curves reigned supreme in fashion. One new star that stood out to me was Ms. Amber Riley. The breakout star from the hit show glee.

Everytime we saw Amber she did not disappoint. She always was dressed to impress. What is more important to me about Amber is that I know she made so many young girls who identify with her body feel so much better about themselves. For years plus size women have been fighting to show designers and the world that we can look good in clothes and that plus size women have curves too.

I can’t wait to see what Amber is going to be wearing for 2010. She has some serious style.

Flashbacks of Amber’s style:

2 thoughts on “2009’s Breakout Plus Size Curvy Fashionista

  1. I didn’t know who she was until I saw her on your site (sorry, I dont’ watch Glee..don’t kill me) & from there I noticed her on a couple of other sites. I must admit she is a nicely dressed young woman. Though she may not be main stream media’s “ideal” size she does not allow that to stop her from beign fashionable. I can appreicate most of the color, trends & sillouhettes she dons in these pics.

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