>Curvy Model Knocks Fashion Spread Out The Box

>It’s very rare that you see a curvy model in a high fashion editorial spread. The most famous model right now is Crystal Renn. She has been on Oprah, Tyra, and countless other big name shows. What I love about Crystal Renn is that her curves are proportioned well and their soft like the women in those paintings back in the 1800’s. She looks like she will tear a burger and some fries up, but, she still gets a work out in to maintain her curves.
I love when curvy models get this type of exposure. It is my passion to get women to embrace their curves whether they are little or large curves. Too many young girls are not appreciating their bodies. I am not necessarily talking about being overweight, but about the shape of your body. How many times have we heard a friend say my butt is too big or my thighs are huge so they are always covering them up. I say embrace those curves and show them off, stop hiding. Crystal Renn is proof that plus size curves are sexy and fashionable.

I was reading Musings of a Fatshionista and she posted these pics of Crystal Renn posing in the January 2010 Canadian Elle magazine. You can also check out Crystal’s biography: Hungry. For my readers who may not know who Crystal Renn is, check her out:

These pictures bring up 2 questions for me. Why do other countries embrace curvy plus size women more so than the USA?
 Why are there more plus size clothing lines in the UK than in the USA?
Talk to me. Do you have these same questions?

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