Whenever  you go into the plus size section in department stores there is always a variety of awful out of shape looking clothing or an overwhelming amount of flashy tween clothing. Yesterday, I was hanging with a relative and we saw a dress and top in Macy’s that looked unattractive on the hanger but as soon as my relative put it on we started to think twice about the pieces.
Check out the two pieces on the hanger and then on a real body.
This was a Rocawear dress that I thought looked like vomit on the hanger. I added my black belt to it and now it looks wearable.
The top wasn’t so bad on the hanger, but, I thought it looked a little old. I decided to add leggings instead of pants to give it a younger feel. If Macy’s would have allowed me to take shoes and jewelry from downstairs into the fitting room, I could have given her a complete makeover. It’s ok Macy’s, I know I’m not Stacy from What Not Wear. A leather bomber jacket would work wonders over this top.

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