>What To Wear This Holiday Season

>Thanksgiving is around the corner and I know my curvy girls are going to need some great outfits to wear. Since Thanksgiving is also family time, we all know what that means. There is always that one relative you have not seen in a long time making you aware of how much weight you gained since the last time they saw you. As if you needed them to remind you. Nevertheless, it still does not deter you away from moms sweet potato pie or another helping of macaroni and cheese.

When this time comes around I always wear neutral colors with a  bright shoe or coat. I try to pick comfortable pieces so that way buttons are not popping after my 2nd helping of mac and cheese. I also choose pieces that are not over the top or too simple because you do want to wow your family members (especially the ones you have not seen in awhile) but, you also don’t want them talking about how you were all dressed up for no reason.

If you are looking for a little inspiration, check out my choices below
(Like what you see, just click on the item):

Missy Curves

GUESS at ShopStyle

An empire waist top that floats over your stomach is a great option to hide that bulge that develops after you have eaten. Go for an empire waist top that has embellishment at the waist or a belt  because it will help to create a waist while a low neck and draped sleeves gives off a suttle sexy goddess like look. Pairing a flowy top with skinny jeans will make your legs look miles long which will give you a slimmer look. A bright coat will have all eyes on you as soon as you walk in the door.

Plus Size Curves

Apple Bottoms at ShopStyle

I love to wear dresses on Thanksgiving, especially with leggings. I am free to move around and be relaxed without feeling confined. Which is why this jean dress is such a good choice. It’s freeing and flowing. A great pair of bold earrings and a wide belt will spice up a simple dress. Matching your belt to your shoes is a nice way to pull your look together.

These options will have your family giving you compliments all day instead of giving you tips on how to keep your weight down.

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