>Are Celebrities Inspiring You to Lose Weight?

>Is it me or are all of our curvy celebrities losing weight? Tyra, Mo’Nique, Queen Latifah, Jennifer Hudson, America Ferrara, Jordin Sparks, and Toccara all have dropped a significant amount of weight. Their common reason for their weightloss is to be healthy.

Whenever a celebrity loses weight, it seems as if their career sky rockets. So, I have to ask myself are they losing weight to truly be healthy or to boost their careers. Many of these women who have lost weight already have successful thriving careers. Queen Latifah has a movie and beauty empire. Tyra has a media empire, Mo’Nique is a queen of comedy, and Jennifer Hudson has an Oscar and a Grammy award. Since Mo’Nique has lost a few pounds she has gained a talk show. I’m quite sure this could have already been in the works before she decided to lose weight, but, I can’t help but wonder was the talk show a factor in her decision to lose weight, besides her handsome hubby telling her he wants her for a lifetime?

What I do find odd about these curvacious celebrities losing weight is that each one of them gained their claim to fame by being proud of their large curves and the majority of them have trimmed down those large curves significantly.  Are these weighlosses sincerely for health reasons or were these celebrities truly unhappy with their bodies? Will they lose some of their die hard fans who looked up to them because they could relate to them physically?

I also noticed that as the weight comes off they seem to dress a little better, which I am quite sure is due to the variety of designers that are now available to them. My biggest question is how long will they stay this way? Maintaining weight for many people is a real struggle. You have to live a completely different lifestyle. Will these celebrities maintain or are these weightlosses just for the moment?

Jordin Sparks, after winning idol has trimmed down

Toccara Jones, after celebrity fit club has trimmed down

Mo’Nique, now rocking a trimmer shape to be healthy

Queen Latifah, Lost 20lbs after Jenny Craig to get healthy
Tyra Banks, back to model size. She wanted to be fit
Are you inspired by these celebrities to lose a few pounds yourself ?

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