What do you wear to work?

This weekend I plan to go shopping for some new work clothes. I have been working hard on keeping my clothing purchases to a minimum by curbing my spending appetite. I have been diving into magazines and doing countless hours of window shopping to prepare for this weekend.

I believe office wear has done a complete turnaround.Women are no longer wearing stuffy matchy matchy suits or plain old collared shirts and pleated trousers. Instead they are wearing ruffles, prints, bold colors, sexy heels, shimmer, and fitted dresses. Women are becoming inspired by runway fashion and creating outfits for work that reflect their personalities as well as their love for fashion and the corporate world is finally taking notice.

When people ask me what is my style, I always tell them professional chic. Anyone who kows me or went to highschool with me could tell you the same thing. I was the 10th grader rocking blouses and blazers with my jeans and Nine West heels while the other girls were wearing t-shirts and the newest kicks. Fastforward to now, and I still have the same style. Updated of course. I have always believed that there is power in work clothes and they should show a bit of your personality.

If you are in a style rut for work check out some of my choices for shaking things up at the office.

I think ruffle detailing is a great way to spice up your office look, which is why I chose a ruffle top and skirt. Don’t be afraid to mix up colors like pink and yellow. A great trench coat always completes the look.

Topshop at ShopStyle

Long gone are the days of  plain solid color buttoned up cardigans. Try an animal print cardigan with a side ruffle embellished skirt or try an embellished cropped cardigan with a bold colored pencil skirt and keep the shoes simple with neutral colors.

CNC Costume National at ShopStyle

I know some of you may think I am crazy but, I love sequins for daytime. Paired with a classic blazer, you can pull this look off at the office.

Steve Madden at ShopStyle

A standout pair of heels or flats are always a great way to show personality at work. Of course you want to be comfortable for the office, so, I think it’s important to wear an appropriate heel height that you can handle. If you have a pair of shoes that have a trendy or artistic design, wear them with trouser pants. They will look cute peeking out from your pants. They can also be a conversation starter. Think about how many times you coplimented someone at work on their shoes and you both chatted the day away.

Forever 21 at ShopStyle

If you are afraid to wear bright colors and sequins to work then opt for bold accessories like large bracelets, watches, patterned tights, colorful scarves.  Show your boss that you mean business.

Tell me what is your work style?

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